Customer Comments - Smartphone Coasters

Michelle Elkins - "What a wonderful and simple solution to an annoying problem. Standing up my iPhone next to my computer has made access so much easier. I actually think I am getting better reception with it being on a metal base. Incoming texts and calls are much easier to navigate. Why didn't someone think of this sooner, thanks newPCgadgets!!"


Lori Walter - "They were to be a Christmas gift, but after using three for me, had to give them to Hubby early. They are awesome. I use two on my desk (LF Fathom and Motorola Droid 2), Hubby uses one on his work desk for his HTC Incredible and one at home for the same unit in his “man cave basement”. And we use the last of them on our nightstand's for the Droids."


Mark Gonzales - "I received my order today and I just want to thank you for such an excellent product. This works great with my T-Mobile G2 Smartphone. It's a great product and the shipping was very fast. I look forward to future purchases with your company. Thank you again and give my excellent regards to everyone at your company for great customer service and excellent products! "


Tellis Burns - "I ordered your product because of an excellent recommendation from Crackberry. I attend shows and events all over and I was looking for something to display my Smartphone’s that was durable along with a great price. I made the right choice with these holders."


Howard Markman - "I have received the coasters and couldn't be happier. They are beautiful! Well designed, well made, a great example of beauty and function. Gave two away as gifts and kept one for myself. Also, I couldn't believe how quickly they arrived. Thank you so much."


Dina Scheitzbach - "I really like the piece! It looks great! I love the polished look. I've got it on my night stand right now, using it to keep my BlackBerry Torch on its side (clock mode) while charging."


Gene Mosher - "You absolutely have something that every restaurant table and every counter top in every home needs"."


Noel Bloom - "I received your PhoneKicks today and am happy I ordered them. In fact, I will probably order more for my friends. Great idea & thanks, Noel ~"


Marc Cook - "I work at an AT&T center, the people at work, love em."


Sue Densmore - "I got them, I love them. What a clever and simple thing! Thanks for following up. Looking forward to the next cool thing from your company."


Alec McNayr - "They work great-- thanks. Make it a ton easier to watch Netflix movies on my iPhone!"


Donald Williams - "Yes I received the stand and love it! What an innovation; simple yet very functional!"


Clonnie Johnson - "I received the PhoneKicks last week. We really like them. They work very well on a couple of Droid cell phones and a LG cell phone."


Jason Durden - "I got one for myself and another for a friend and both of us are very pleased with the PhoneKicks. It's nice not to have to always pick up the phone when a call or email comes in...a quick glance lets me know if it is something that needs my attention or if it can wait."


Jonathan Barnhart - "I received the PhoneKicks today in the mail, and have put it into action. I am the envy of the office right now! I love it so far, and the rubber feet work great so that it is not slipping on my desk at work. Thanks for the device!"


Bill Woodford - "I have one on my desk at work, my wife has one on her desk at work and I have one on my desk at home. They are extremely functional and useful."


John Pierce - "I have to say, they work wonderfully; The rubber bottoms keep them from sliding on my desk at work. I gave two to some colleagues and they love them too."


John Olesen - "I just posted a quick unboxing of these. Just got two of them-loving them…works great. will be buying more stuff!"


Matt Morton - "Handed them out to people at the office. They like them a lot."


lara Dean - "I have my phone on one at my desk right now ~ love it!"


Alex Martin - "Received over the weekend. Works great."


Tobian Hawkins - "Received them just fine..very happy with them."


Aaron Finato - "I got them, I like them!"


Ian St. John - "They are working well!"



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