Organizes cluttered cables

Each organizer holds up to 5 cables securely

Rubber grippers protect cables from damage

Attractive ABS plastic design compliments any work surface

Double-sided adhesive back sticks to any surface

Also holds frequently used cables for future use

2 Stick-On Cable Organizers per package

Retails for $12.95


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Stick-On Cable Organizers

Stick-On Cable Organizers are a new way to eliminate cluttered cables on your desktop. Each Organizer holds up to 5 cables in a soft rubber protective gripper. With the double-sided adhesive back you can stick them anywhere. Use your Stick-On Cable Organizers for easy access to your frequently used cables. Each package includes 2 Organizers allowing you to organize up to 10 computer cables. The attractive design compliments any work surface.


1 7/8a€?W x 1 7/8a€?L x 2a€?H

Manage your cluttered computer cables with Stick-On Cable Organizers. $12.95




Designed to easily organize up to 5 cables per Organizer. Also holds frequently used cables for future use.


Smart Computing Magazine, "The Stick-On Cable Organizer is the sort of thing neat freaks hope to find in their stockings at Christmas. It’s a simple, easy-to-use organizer that supports several cables at once.".








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Cable organizer

Attractive design

Sticks to any surface