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Smartphone Coasters Customers

Promotional phone stand from newPCgadgets feedback

Marc Cook - "I work at an AT&T center, the people at work, love em."


Matt Morton - "Handed them out to people at the office. They like them a lot."


Lara Dean - "I have my phone on one at my desk right now ~ love it!"


John Pierce - "I have to say, they work wonderfully; The rubber bottoms keep them from sliding on my desk at work. I gave two to some colleagues and they love them too."


Bill Woodford - "I have one on my desk at work, my wife has one on her desk at work and I have one on my desk at home. They are extremely functional and useful."


Tobian Hawkins - "Received them just fine..very happy with them."


Smartphone Coasters Promotional Phone Stand

Promotional VIP Gift


Why giveaway cheap promotional products that are quickly discarded? Smartphone Coasters are a premium promotional gift your customers will use for years to come. With over 250,000 sold, Smartphone Coasters are the #1 selling premium promotional item in the US.


Smartphone Coasters combine the look of a business card with the convenience of a desktop phone stand to create a powerful promotional item guaranteed to be used over and over again.


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Smartphone Coasters are made from clear acrylic. We laser engrave the surface with your logo to create a high-quality, long-lasting gift your clients and customers will appreciate.


Branding:  From small companies to large corporations Smartphone Coasters have quickly grown into the ultimate promotional product for businesses looking for an advertising edge.


Corporate Swag:  The stylish, all-acrylic design makes Smartphone Coasters the perfect smartphone stand for conference rooms, office lobbies, lounges, meeting rooms, trade-shows, corporate retreats, special events and much more.


Hospitality Industry:  Smartphone Coasters are a favorite for the Hospitality industry. Restaurants offer them to their customers. Bars and lounges set them out for their patrons. Hotels place them in their rooms and guest lobbies. Directors of marketing and sales offer Smartphone Coasters to their VIP guests.


And More:  Smartphone Coasters are ideal for, banks and financial advisors, insurance and real estate agents, sales reps and dozens more.


Minimum QTY 25 Units

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waldorf astoria Promotional Phone Stand

Laser-Etched Custom Stand

  • Premium promotional smartphone stand
  • Ideal for realtors, sales reps, travel agents and hospitality
  • Stackable space-saving design
  • Laser engraved logo
  • Works with all Smartphone cases
  • Works with iPad & Galaxy Tablets
  • Trade-show and event giveaway

Smartphone Coasters Product Reviews


CoolSmartphone - "If you’re looking for a fun gift for your staff, these might be just the thing."

Engadget - "Smartphone Coasters keeps your eyes on the prize, even while you eat."

Android Central - "So Simple, So Cool."

Androidandme - "Smartphone Coasters are awesome for a number of reasons." - "Some products make me wonder why nobody thought of them."

Smartphone Coasters Product Reviews

Carol F, Apple Canada - "Quality gift our clients LOVE. Thank you so much for meeting our deadline."

Janet G, Waldorf La Quinta - "Smartphone Coasters are Awesome!"

Stacy A, Ritz-Carlton - "We hand these out to our VIP guests. They love them."

Michelle E, Marriott - "These were a hit at our recent Trade-Show in Chicago. Everybody loved them and our logo came out great. Thank You!"

Katherine C, Bennulife - "Smartphone Coasters are FABULOUS - Thank You!"

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Smartphone Coasters are a Upscale promotional phone stand for the iPhone

Smartphone Coasters promote your brand

Promotional phone stand smartphone coasters charging base

High-end promotional product for realtors

Hotel Promotional Smartphone Coasters

laser-etched clear acrylic desgin

Promotional phone stand for realtors

Promotional phone stand for financial institutions

Premium promotional phone stand for the financial industry

Best swag promotional product

Hotel Promotional Smartphone Coasters

Featured At Waldorf Astoria & Ritz-Carlton

iPad promotional smartphone stand with logo

Ideal For luxury hotels like the Ritz


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