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Nexus Counter-Top Mounts

Secures Nexus 7 & 10 Models


Our new line of Nexus 7 (2nd generation) & 10 Counter-Top Mounts are style and security all-in-one. These secure all acrylic mounts are the ideal solution for displaying the Nexus 7 (2nd generation) and 10 models in open environments including; trade shows, retail, business, educational and more.


The Nexus can mount in either the landscape or portrait position and secure to any counter-top with the included screws or adhesive strips. Stainless steel corner brackets secure the Nexus to the clear acrylic base allowing full-access to the charging port, on/off button and earphone jack. Tamper-proof screws secure the tablet to the acrylic base. Once secured, both the Nexus and counter-top mount cannot be removed without a special tamper-proof bit (included).


Our Counter-Top Mounts are constructed from a 4"W x 4"L x 2"H tapered clear acrylic base and a 3/4" clear acrylic frame. Slots are provided in the both the base and frame for the charging cable to secure.


Prices range between $89.95 and $99.95 depending on model.


Nexus 7.0 (2nd generation) Counter-Top Mount

Size: 3"H x 9 1/2"W x 6 1/2”L, 3 lbs


Nexus 10 Counter-Top Mount

Size: 3"H x 11 1/4"W x 8 1/2”L, 3.5 lbs


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Nexus 7 Counter Top Mount

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  • Fits new Nexus 7 (2nd generation)
  • Fits Nexus 10
  • Secure all acrylic counter-top mount
  • Displays in portrait or landscape
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets secure Nexus
  • Fastens with tamper-proof screws
  • Counter-top mounting hardware included
  • Charging cable routes underneath base
  • Full-access to all ports
  • Ideal for retail, business and trade-show displays










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Nexus 7 Counter-Top Mount in portrait position

Nexus 7 Counter-Top Mount - portrait


Nexus 7 Counter-Top Mount in landscape position

Nexus 7 Counter-Top Mount - landscape


Nexus Counter-Top Mount with tapered angle

Tapered acrylic design


Nexus 7 clear acrylic Counter-Top Mount

Mounts to any counter-top