iPhone Security Kit

For iPhone 6 & 7 Models


Just introduced for the iPhone 6 & 7, the iPhone Security Kit. Our new iPhone Security Kit adds to our line of security products designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPad.


The new iPhone Security Kit includes a 60" clear coated steel wire cable and 30 mm brass padlock. Aluminum brackets, with rubber inserts, attach to the sides of iPhone 6 & 7 to provide a light-weight and secure fit. Once secured the iPhone has full-flexibility in any direction.


Also included, is a clear acrylic iPhone stand for holding both the iPhone and lighting charging cable. The acrylic stand is mounted to the table with a clear double sided adhesive strip to provide stability (easily removed).


Ideal uses for our new iPhone Security Kit include: retail store displays, trade-shows & conferences, schools, special events and dozens more. If you are looking for a secure and stylish solution for housing the iPhone 6 & 7, then look no further. Choose your model below.


Currently not available for PlUS models


For custom order needs contact us


iPhone 5 & 5S Security Kit


iPod Touch (5 & 6) Security Kit


iPhone 6 & 6S Security Kit


iPhone 7 Security Kit






iPhone 6 security cable and lock with stand

iPhone 6 & 7 Security Kits

  • Fits iPhone 6 & 7 models
  • Acrylic stand
  • 60" coated steel wire cable
  • Aluminum brackets with rubber inserts
  • Mounting bracket to secure to table
  • 30 mm brass padlock
  • Ideal for trade-shows, retailers, schools and exhibits
  • Priced at $39.95


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iPhone 6 Security lock and cable Kit

iPhone 6 lock & cable kit with acrylic stand


iPhone 6 Security Kit Rear View

Security brackets hold iPhone 6


iPhone 6 and 7 lock and cable components

Includes lock, cable, stand & hardware