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Stylish Identity Plate with name and phone number

Custom look to your Smart Cover

Enhances corporate image

Provides valuable contact information

Removes easily

Works with iPad & iPad 2

Provides piece of mind for your valuable investment

1" x 2"stainless surface

Retail $12.95

Apple Store Acrylic Display for iPad and iPhone

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NEW iPad 2 Display Dock

NEW iPad Wall Mount

Smartphone Coasters


Custom Engraved Identity Plate


New PAD Tags give your iPad 2 or iPad a custom look and added security if lost or misplaced. PAD Tags look great on Smart covers or any other case you might have. The elegant stainless plate secures to any iPad case ensuring that your iPad stands-out from the crowd. More importantly, if you accidentally misplace your iPad, now a Good Samaritan will be able to get in contact.


PAD Tags make a clever gift idea for co-workers, clients, kids or anyone else that appreciates the custom look. Give your iPad that personalized look that no one else has. Apple enthusiasts will be jealous that you got yours first. At $12.95 each they are very affordable, unlike many other iPad accessories.


PAD Tags comes with two lines of text that you can customize. We recommend your name and cell phone number or name and email address.

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Name on engraving
Phone or email on engraving


PAD Tags are perfect for any size business or organization and can also be customized with your logo. For quantity pricing and additional details please contact us at the link below.


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Give your Smart Cover a CUSTOM look with PAD Tags!


Read Our Reviews:

Wired - PAD Tags “could be the best investment you make to protect your new iPad”.


iClarified - "PAD Tags offers a custom look while providing valuable contact information in the event your iPad is lost or misplaced".


AT&T Field Sales - "We love the personalized look PAD Tags gives our iPads".










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Works with Smart Cover

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Custom Look

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Works with Original iPad

Laser Engraved

Provides Valuable Contact Info