iPad Desk Mounts

Clear Acrylic Secure Design


We have redesigned our best selling iPad Desk mount and Wall Mount and are now offering them in a elegant clear acrylic. Our new design offers several key improvements including, concealing the power-cord within the base and securing the iPad with a 1/4" acrylic outer-frame. These new enhancements provide a stunning visual iPad display that is ideal for all types of businesses.


Our iPad counter mount replicates the look of the Apple store tapered iPad display while offering additional security and design features. The iPad base mounts to any surface with adhesive strips or screws (both included). The iPad secures within the base with an outer-frame and tamper-proof screws. The charging cable is secured within the base to prevent removal. Slots are provided for the audio port and on/off switch.


With our new laser engraving program, businesses can now add their logo's to the clear acrylic outer-frame and create a custom look. For additional details and minimum quantity orders for laser engraving please contact us.


Our new clear acrylic iPad mounts are ideal for museums, hotels, patient waiting rooms, retail stores, libraries, hospitals, conference rooms and anywhere security is a concern.


If your business is looking for a high-quality, fixed position iPad Mount then look no further. Sizes available for the iPad 5th gen, iPad Air 1 & 2 and iPad Pro 9.7.


For custom orders contact us


Model Sizes:

iPad Air Model 1 & 2: 8.0"W x 11.25"L x 1.5"H

iPad Pro 9.7: 8.0"W x 11.25"L x 1.5"H

New iPad (5th, 6th Gen): 8.0"W x 11.25"L x 1.5"H

iPad 12.9: 12.5"W x 14.0"L x 1.5"H

Product Weight: 3.5 lbs


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iPad Secure Desktop mount

Secure Acrylic iPad Mount!

  • Clear acrylic design
  • Frame secures with tamper-proof screws
  • Secures to desk with adhesive strips or screws (included)
  • Power cord conceals within base
  • Tapered design replicates Apple store look
  • Fits iPad (5, 6), Air (1, 2) & Pro (9.7, 12.9)
  • Provides full-access to touch screen
  • Slots for headphones and on/off button

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Locking table mount new iPad

Charging cable routes out center or rear


iPad 2 Stationary Desktop Mount


Locking iPad Air Mount

Solid 1 1/2" clear acrylic construction


Desk Mount For iPad

clear-oxide tamper-proof screws secure outer-frame


iPad 12.9 locking desk mount

iPad 12.9 locking desk mount