iPad mini secure locking Wall Mounts in fixed position

iPad mini Wall Mounts from newPCgadgets

All Acrylic Secure Design


On display in the lobbies of The Ritz-Carlton and Hyatt hotels, our new iPad mini Wall Mount provides an elegant, cost-effctive and low-profile solution for securing the iPad mini in an open enviroment.


Our mini Wall Mount enhances the look of iPad mini instead of the bulky metal cases with a key lock you typically see. Combining security with an all-acrylic design, our new Wall Mount fits the iPad mini 1, 2, 3 and the new iPad mini 4.


We have constructed our mini Wall Mount in clear acrylic for a stunning look. For added flexibility, our Wall Mount can attach to any 75 mm Vesa mount (not included) and mount in either the landscape or portait position. The outer-frame secures with stainless steel tamper-proof screws and provides full-access to the touch-screen. The charging cable conceals within the mount and routes out the back to provide a clean look. Slots are provided for the phone jack and on/off switch.


With over 20,000 already sold, popular placements for our iPad mini Wall Mounts include: exhibits, museums, trade-shows, conferences, special events, hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, offices and dozens more.


Size: 10.250"W x 7.250"D x .750"H

Weight: 1.5 lbs

Sale Price: $89.95

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new iPad mini Wall Mounts from newPCgadgets




Secure iPad Mini Wall Mount in clear acrylic

New iPad mini Wall Mount

  • Fits all iPad mini models
  • 3/4" clear acrylic design
  • Frame secures with tamper-proof screws
  • Full-access to touch-screen
  • Slots provided for charging cable, earphones and on/off switch
  • Charging cable conceals within base
  • Sale price $89.95


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iPad mini 4 Counter Mounts from newPCgadgets

iPad mini 4 Counter Mount

new iPad wall mounts in black acrylic

NEW iPad Secure Wall Mount









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iPad Mini wall mount secure

iPad mini wall mount in clear acrylic design


Locking iPad mini 4 wall mount in clear acrylic

Full-access to touch screen


iPad mini wall mount, fits iPad mini 1, 2, 3 and 4

Holds iPad mini 1, 2, 3 and 4


iPad mini 4 Secure Wall Mount

Low profile secure wall mount


Charging cable conceals within the iPad mini wall mount

Lighnting cable conceals within base