Durable carrying case attaches to back of laptop

Attaches with Velcro tabs with easy removal

Stores cell phones, wireless mouse, cables and much more

Fits all laptops with 12” screens and larger

2 front pockets and a?main zipper pouch

Measures 11” wide by 6” long

Space saving design increases productivity

Retails for $16.955

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Laptop Accessory Pouch

The new Laptop Accessory Pouch if the first carrying case designed to attach directly to the back of your laptop to keep everything within easy reach. This unique space saving accessory holds cell phones, wireless mouse, cables, memory sticks and much more. More convenient than larger carrying cases, the Laptop Accessory Pouch gives you fast access to your frequently used accessories.


Secured with Velcro tabs, which can easily be removed, the Accessory Pouch saves space while increasing productivity. Anyone who uses their laptop as a mobile office will appreciate the convenience and organization this new product provides.

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Laptop Accessory Pouch




Perfect for MacBook Pro, Dell XPS, Sony Vaio, HP Pavilion, Toshiba Satellite and dozens more.

Order yours today for only $16.95











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Perfect for MacBook

Main Zipper Pouch

product image

Attaches with Velcro