The New Clasp holds your Apple iPad Case Closed


The Apple iPad case is elegant in design and function but does has one critical flaw.
As reported by hundreds of consumers on numerous Apple related blogs the case does not stay shut which may cause damage to the iPad screen as a result of dropping or mishandling. Many consumers would like to see the case close with some sort of latch to hold it securely.

Recognizing this problem newPCgadgets has designed a simple yet effective solution called the Clasp. The Clasp is constructed from a similar black rubber material as the iPad Case and attaches with double-sided adhesive to the front of the case. It can be easily removed if necessary. Once attached the Clasp adheres to the back of the Apple case with a Velcro tab and holds both sides securely together. It is easy to open and close and provides the security that consumers have been requesting.

The Clasp blends in seamlessly with the Apple Case so people won’t even know it is an aftermarket accessory. The Clasp does not interfere with the function of the case when you fold it open as a stand. Best of all, the iPad case is now protected from accidental damage that can happen when the lid accidently flips open. If you have invested nearly $1,000 in your new Apple iPad you may want to consider spending an extra $9.95 to protect your investment. Available at