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Smartphone Coasters Beginning of Summer Sale – Special Lower Price


Summer SALE On Smartphone Coasters – View Details

smartphone coaster summer sale
Smartphone Coasters Premium Promotional Product

New Promotional Product For The Hospitality Industry
Great Promotional Product For The Hospitality Industry
With over 60,000 Smartphone Coasters sold at $2.99 each, newPCgadgets is lowering the price to $1.99 for companies that would like to try them out. This beginning of summer sale will only last a few weeks.

Already companies like the Waldorf Astoria, Ritz Carlton, Lennar Homes, Re/Max, Sprint and dozens of smaller companies use Smartphone Coasters as a unique promotional item for their customers.

With the 4th of July right around the corner take advantage of this lower price on Smartphone Coasters and get your orders in soon. Visit newPCgadgets for additional details.

New Movie PROP Promotional Phone Stand From newPCgadgets
Check Out Our New Movie PROP Promotional Phone Stand

New Promotional Item For Real Estate & Insurance Agents – Smartphone Coasters


Century 21 realtor promotional itemSmartphone Coasters are a new premium promotional phone stand for real estate and insurance agents. Smartphone Coasters unique design enables real estate and insurance agents a way to promote their agency by combining the look of a business card with the convenience of a desktop phone stand.

Current customers and potential new clients will love the benefits of this new promotional gift item. Smartphone Coasters will be used over and over again, ensuring your agency contact information is always in plain view.

Premium Realtor Promotional Gift For Clients
Premium Realtor Promotional Gift For Clients
Smartphone Coasters work with all phones and can hold them in either position and be used as a charging base. Smartphone Coasters can be ordered in any size quantity unlike other types of promotional items. Visit newPCgadgets.com for additional details and pricing.