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How To Choose The Best iPad Stand For Your Next Trade Show


iPad Trade-Show Secure Stand
iPad Trade-Show Secure Stand
What to consider when looking for a secure iPad or iPad mini stand for your next trade-show.

iPad stands should offer flexibility so that customers can interact effectively with your new App or presentation. This will require a tether or cable so that they can lift the iPad out of the stand but not be able to walk aways with it. When looking for an iPad stand with a locking cable, look for a minimalist design so that the iPad is the focus and not the stand.

iPad mini Secure Trade-Show Stand
iPad mini Secure Trade-Show Stand
iPad stands should offer an optimum viewing angle in either the landscape or portrait position. This is key to an effective trade-show display. Also, look for an iPad or iPad mini stand that allows the charging cable to remain connected. This is important since you don’t want to interrupt your presentation to recharge your iPad.

Finally, consider price. Secure or locking iPad trade-show stands can range in price from $50 all the way up to $200 each. If you do your homework you should be able to find the right stand to enhance your presentation at a reasonable price. Visit newPCgadgets.com to see their iPad Trade-Show Stands.

New iPad Security Cable Lock And POS Stand From newPCgadgets


New Secure iPad Air POS Stand From newPCgadgets
Cable & Lock Secure iPad POS Stand
newPCgadgets has just introduced a low priced, flexible and secure iPad (POS) stand to hold all types of credit card readers including popular models like: Square, Paypal and Quckbooks.

The iPad (5th generation), iPad Air (1, 2), iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad 10.5 are secured with light-weight aluminum brackets and a 5′ tether cable. This allows the flexibility to hold the iPad while doing transactions or showing product features to a customer. The iPad can also be used in the acrylic base as a stationary POS display. According to newPCgadgets President Michael Schriner, “Most iPad POS stands are fixed position which limits the additional uses that our kit offers.” Their iPad Security kit retails for $49.95 including free shipping.

newPCgadgets has also designed a POS Security stand for the iPad mini 1, 2, 3 and 4 with similar features. This version is priced at $39.95.

Rear View iPad Credit Card Stand from newPCgadgets
Rear View iPad Credit Card Stand
In addition to working as a POS stand, newPCgadgets says that their iPad holder is ideal for all types of applications that require security including: retail iPad store displays, trade-show iPad displays, exhibitions and events, waiting room iPad mounts, schools, museums and anywhere security is a concern.

Visit newPCgadgets for additional details

New iPad Mini Acrylic Display – Just Like The Apple Store Display


Following in line with their other iPad and iPhone acrylic stands and bases, newMacgadgets has just introduced the new iPad Mini Acrylic Display to duplicate the Apple store look. For trade-shows, conventions, Apple retailers, point of purchase kiosks, App developers and dozens more, this new acrylic display will give companies the professional look of the Apple store.

iPad Acrylic Displays offer a rich look making them ideal for showing off Apple’s new iPad Mini. The Apple store display look is immediately recognizable and will enhance all iPad related presentations or demos. The iPad Mini Acrylic Display functions as a pedestal base that raises the Mini and creates a comfortable viewing angle. The non-skid silicone ring holds the iPad Mini in place. The iPad Mini Acrylic Display features a 4″ diameter circle and raises the iPad 2″.

The new iPad Mini Acrylic Display is the ideal Apple store retail display that you can buy for your business. Priced at $39.95 each.

newMacgadgets has created a successful line of Apple store acrylic displays which includes: The iPad Security Base, iPad Wall Mount Display, Apple store acrylic headphone stand, iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base, iPhone 4 and 5 acrylic displays. For additional details on apple store displays visit newMacgadgets