New iPad Air (1, 2) Table Stands

iPad Air Table Stand With Slot

New iPad Air (1, 2) Counter Stand

Best iPad Air Stand for desktops[/caption]Considered as one of this years best iPad stands the iPad Air Acrylic Desk Stand supports the iPad Air, iPad and iPad mini in multiple positions in a tapered acrylic base. This must have iPad accessory has the Apple store look but designed for the home user. The solid acrylic base is slotted to provide the additional feature of holding the iPad upright. The outer-silicone rings provide a solid grip surface.

Apple store acrylic iPad stand from newPCgadgetsiPad Air 2 desk stand with slot to hold iPad upright[/caption]Priced at $49.95 the iPad Air Desk Stand is a must have iPad stand for the Apple enthusiast. Visit newMacgadgets for additional pictures and details today.

Last updated: October 8, 2017 at 13:27 pm

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newMacgadgets Introduces The iPad Pro Acrylic Desk Stand

iPad Pro Desk Stand

New acrylic Apple store style stand for the iPad Pro

newMacgadgets introduces the new iPad Pro acrylic counter mount. This new counter mount stand for the iPad Pro features a round, all-acrylic, slotted stand with sure-grip silicone rings (similar to the Apple store acrylic stands). The acrylic base is designed to hold the iPad Pro in multiple positions. The 6″ diameter base is constructed from 1 1/2″ clear acrylic and retails for $49.95. Visit newMacgadgets for additional details.

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TAB Rests – Finally a Product That Gives Your iPad or Tablet, Wrist Rest Support

Cushioned Comfort and Wrist Rest SupportTAB Rests are a great new way to hold your iPad, eReader or any other Tablet computer. They come in Cool colors and are the first product of its kind to offer wrist rest support which is ideal when using your tablet for long stretches.

Available in Cool ColorsThe TAB Rest is ideal for lap usage, but it can also be used as a stand for typing on top of a desk or a table. It’s great for surfing the web in front of the couch, relaxing in the recliner with a good book, or resting in bed with an exciting new game. As an avid iPad reader, I can attest to how tiring it is to hold the tablet up for hours at a time, making this a must have accessory.

It’s also perfect for kids, who may have a hard time holding onto the heavy iPad. With the TAB Rest, the iPad can rest safely in laps, which is the perfect solution for car trips. Because it’s made of a high density foam, it’s lightweight and easy to carry. It’s also compact enough to fit into a small carry bag when traveling. Best of all they are only $14.95 each. For more details visit, TAB Rests.

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