New Luxury Hotel Promotional Gift For Director Of Sales And Marketing

New Promotional Product For Luxury Hotel Marketing Directors

New Promotional Product For Luxury Hotels

Smartphone Coasters are a new promotional gift idea for luxury hotel sales and marketing directors to offer their VIP guests. Already, The Ritz-Carlton, Waldorf Astoria and the St. Regis offer Smartphone Coasters as promotional and appreciation gifts.

Promotional Product For Luxury Hotels

Promotional Phone Stand For Luxury Hotels

The laser engraved all-acrylic surface prominently displays the logo of the luxury hotel making it ideal as a promotional product or promotional gift. Guests will frequently use Smartphone Coasters as a desktop phone stand or charging base ensuring that the luxury hotel name will always be visible. Smartphone Coasters are also sold in luxury hotel gift shops and put in guest rooms. For additional details visit newPCgadgets

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