Premium Promotional Giveaway For Trade Shows, Events, Conferences & Corporate Retreats

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Trade Show Promotional Swag Item Smartphone Coasters from newPCgadgets

Premium Trade Show Giveaway – Smartphone Coasters

Smartphone Coasters are a custom premium promotional item for trade shows, events, conferences and corporate retreats.

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As an upscale promotional gift designed for all types of events, Smartphone Coasters are a high-end giveaway that will be used instead of quickly tossed out like most corporate swag items. newPCgadgets created Smartphone Coasters as promotional item that attracts company’s and corporations that are looking for quality promotional giveaways to promote their image or get their message out. Smartphone Coasters achieve these results because they stay on the recipients desk and used as a phone convenience stand or charging base.

trade show promotional item

Laser Engrave Premium Promotional Event Giveaway

According to newPCgadgets, “Smartphone Coasters have become the #1 selling premium promotional phone stand in the USA because they are used. Our customers can effectively promote their message and know that it is being seen over and over again.”

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Sales Reps Love Smartphone Coasters As A Premium Promotional Giveaway

Use Coupon Code “Promo” And Save An Additional 5% (Limited Time Offer).

Corporate promotional gift

New corporate promotional gift for sales resps

Smartphone Coasters have quickly grown into a popular promotional giveaway for sales and marketing reps. Dozens of corporations, including; Merck, St. Regis, Pfizer, BCD Travel, Waldorf Astoria and more, hand-out Smartphone Coasters to their customers and clients as an upscale gift.

newPCgadgets designed Smartphone Coasters as a promotional gift that will be used for the long-term. Most promotional products are quickly discarded without achieving any significant promotional value. Smartphone Coasters are different, they tend to stay on the recipients desk and constantly used. This provides the best promotional visibility for companies that want to expand their market through effective advertising.

Smartphone Coasters provide a large surface for companies to show-off their logo’s or marketing message. The laser engraved acrylic surface provides a professional look. The logo is engraved on the rear of the acrylic to eliminate scratching. Prices are as low as $2.99 each in quantity. Visit newPCgadgets for details.

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