New Premium Promotional Giveaway And Corporate Gift “PhoneKicks”

New PhoneKicks Promotional GiveawayNew PhoneKicks All-Acrylic Promotional Smartphone Stand

newPCgadgets introduces their latest corporate promotional item PhoneKicks. Designed as a premium promotional giveaway or corporate gift for trade-shows and events, the all-acrylic design offers a large billboard display for corporate logo’s or message. Unlike other promotional items, PhoneKicks are a higher-end product designed for long-term use.

PhoneKicks are both a logo Smartphone stand and a logo Tablet stand. PhoneKicks can be used as a Smartphone or Tablet charging base or viewing stand. The laser engraved logo makes them ideal as event gifts, high-end corporate giveaways and much more.

newPCgadets offers fast turn-around with starting quantities as low as 50 units. PhoneKicks are priced as low as $3.99 each. Visit PhoneKicks for additional details and pictures.

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New Promotional Item For Real Estate & Insurance Agents – PhoneKicks

Real estate agents new promotional phone stand for your buiness card

PhoneKicks – Promotional Phone Stand For Professionals

PhoneKicks are a new promotional phone stand for real estate agents and other sales professionals. PhoneKicks unique design enables real estate agents to secure their business card within the all-acrylic phone stand to create a powerful promotional item. Current customers and potential new clients will love the benefits of this new phone stand ensuring that they will keep it on their desk for years to come with your business card in plain view.

Promotional phone stand for real estate agents

iPhone & Android Promotional Phone Stand

PhoneKicks work with standard size business cards (3″ x 2.5″). The business card secures within the acrylic stand with locking push-pins (preventing removal). Assembly only takes a few seconds. By using the agents or sales professionals business card, PhoneKicks can be ordered in any size quantity unlike other types of promotional items. Visit PhoneKicks from newPCgadgets for additional details and pricing.

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