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Favorite MacBook Setups With Our New MacBook Stand


MacBook Setups With New from newPCgadgets

Our newest MacBook Stand is both a riser and space-saver. We have asked some of our customers to share their photo’s of how they are using their new Laptop Stand. We love this one. The pink Laptop Lift 90 in this picture shows how Morgan is saving space and using the riser feature to raise her MacBook Air. Thanks Morgan for sharing your cool MacBook setup with us.

MacBook Setup With New Laptop Lift 90, Space-Saver And Laptop Riser In Colors


New MacBook Desk Setup With Laptop Stand from newPCgadgetsSee our new Laptop Lift 90 stand in this MacBook setup. You can see the space-saving features along with the benefits of also working as a riser improving overall use. Also in this picture is our iPad Acrylic Base which stands up the iPad or allows you to set it on a slant depending on precedence and available space. Use our products to create your own custom look.