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New iPhone 5 Display & Security Base – Ideal for Retail, Trade-Shows and More!!


Apple store look with added securitynewMacgadgets announces their new iPhone 5 Display & Security Base. Designed to match the look and feel of other Apple store displays, newMacgadgets has delivered a stylish solution for retailers, conventioneers and others looking to display the iPhone 5 in an open environment.

The Display & Security Base is constructed from 1 3/4″ wedge shaped and circular clear acrylic that can attach to counter-tops with mounting screws or optically clear double-sided adhesive (just like the Apple store displays). The iPhone 5 sits in a specially designed pocket designed to hold the Lighting charging cable to keep the iPhone 5 continuously charged. This unit will also work with the new iPod Touch 5.

When out of the Base, the iPhone 5 is secured with light-weight steel brackets and a thin 12″ security cable. This allows for full-motion of the iPhone 5 enabling users access to all the device features. Priced at $79.95 each. For additional details visit newMacgadgets.

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