Tips To Secure An iPhone Or iPod Touch At Your Next Trade Show

iPhone and iPod Cable Lock Security Kit

iPhone and iPod Cable Lock Kit

If you are looking for a secure iPhone stand for your next trade show we have a few suggestions that might help.

Cable and lock solutions for the iPhone or iPod Touch are popular for events and exhibitions. These type of secure displays offer the flexibility for your customers handling the iPhone without being able to walk away with it.

Stay away from mounts that use permanent adhesives that attach to the back of the iPhone. These mounts cause damage to the case and are nearly impossible to remove. Look for brackets that secure with tension and can be easily removed. The opposite side of the cable should attach to any fixed object like a table leg or an anchor that mounts under the table.

iPhone Security cable and lock Kit Stand

iPhone Security Kit Stand

Look for a security solution that also comes with a stand to the hold the iPhone or iPod Touch at the optimum viewing angle. You also want to make sure the stand you choose works with the Lightning charging cable.

Lastly, consider price. iPhone lock and cable security kits range in price from $29.95 all the way up to $89.95 depending on features. Visit to see their line of iPhone and iPod Security Kits.

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New iPhone 5 Security Lock and Cable Kit – Ideal for retail and trade shows

Lock & Cable security kit for the iPhone 5newMacgadgets has just released their new iPhone 5 Security Lock & Cable Kit to complement their growing line of iPhone, iPod and iPad security products.

The new iPhone 5 Security Kit includes a 36″ coated steel wire cable and lock that secures to a mounting plate with tamper-proof screws. Lightweight aluminum brackets with rubber padding secure to the iPhone 5 allowing full-flexibility for display. When assembled, the iPhone can stand in either the portrait or landscape positions.

Aluminum brackets secure iPhone 5 from theft Ideal applications for the iPhone 5 Security Lock and Cable Kit are retail outlets, business centers, hotels, conference rooms, schools, social areas, libraries,etc.; practically any place where you need to display your iPhone 5 with extra security. Retail is set at $39.95. For additional details visit newMacgadgets.

Last updated: January 16, 2016 at 22:55 pm

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