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New iPhone 5 Security Lock and Cable Kit – Ideal for retail and trade shows


Lock & Cable security kit for the iPhone 5newMacgadgets has just released their new iPhone 5 Security Lock & Cable Kit to complement their growing line of iPhone, iPod and iPad security products.

The new iPhone 5 Security Kit includes a 36″ coated steel wire cable and lock that secures to a mounting plate with tamper-proof screws. Lightweight aluminum brackets with rubber padding secure to the iPhone 5 allowing full-flexibility for display. When assembled, the iPhone can stand in either the portrait or landscape positions.

Aluminum brackets secure iPhone 5 from theft Ideal applications for the iPhone 5 Security Lock and Cable Kit are retail outlets, business centers, hotels, conference rooms, schools, social areas, libraries,etc.; practically any place where you need to display your iPhone 5 with extra security. Retail is set at $39.95. For additional details visit newMacgadgets.

Last updated: January 16, 2016 at 22:55 pm

New iPhone 5 Display & Security Base – Ideal for Retail, Trade-Shows and More!!


Apple store look with added securitynewMacgadgets announces their new iPhone 5 Display & Security Base. Designed to match the look and feel of other Apple store displays, newMacgadgets has delivered a stylish solution for retailers, conventioneers and others looking to display the iPhone 5 in an open environment.

The Display & Security Base is constructed from 1 3/4″ wedge shaped and circular clear acrylic that can attach to counter-tops with mounting screws or optically clear double-sided adhesive (just like the Apple store displays). The iPhone 5 sits in a specially designed pocket designed to hold the Lighting charging cable to keep the iPhone 5 continuously charged. This unit will also work with the new iPod Touch 5.

When out of the Base, the iPhone 5 is secured with light-weight steel brackets and a thin 12″ security cable. This allows for full-motion of the iPhone 5 enabling users access to all the device features. Priced at $79.95 each. For additional details visit newMacgadgets.

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New iPhone 4 & 4S Security Base Makes Ideal Display


iPhone Security BaseDesigned for business and retail applications, our new iPhone 4 Security Base is the perfect way to display the iPhone in a secure environment. The iPhone 4 & 4S sits in a solid acrylic base and is secured with an outer frame and tamper-proof screws. An optional home button guard frame is also included. The home button guard is ideal for continuous running apps that could be easily interrupted.

iPhone 4 Security BaseThe iPhone 4 Security Base is constructed from 1 1/4″ clear acrylic and weighs just under a pound. The Base secures to any hard surface with the included screws or heavy duty adhesive strips (similar to the Apple store). In addition, slots are provided for the charging cable. earphones and manual on/off switch. The Iphone 4 Security Base is ideal for trade shows, retailers, business presentations, schools or anywhere security is a concern. Retail is $49.95. For additional details visit newPCgadgets.com