New Secure iPad 9.7 Stand For Business

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All-Acrylic iPad 9.7 Secure Desk Mount With Apple Store Look and More

All-Acrylic iPad 9.7 Secure Desk Mount With Apple Store Look & More

newPCgadgets introduces a new iPad Secure Mount for the popular iPad 9.7. Featuring the look and feel of an Apple store display with added security, the new iPad Secure Mount has become popular with businesses of all types.

iPad Secure Stand With Two Piece Assembly

Two-Piece Acrylic Frame Conceals Charging Cord -Secures With Stainless Steel Tamper-Proof Screws

The two-piece construction features a 1 1/4″ Thick base and a 1/4″ outer-frame that secures with stainless steel tamper-proof screws. The iPad Secure Mount attaches to any surface with adhesive strips or screws (both included).

The sleek look of the new iPad Secure Mount makes it popular with companies looking for an attractive and secure display for their presentations, product videos and events.

iPad Stand For Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannabis Dispensary iPad Stand

The iPad Secure Mount is also popular with Cannabis Dispensaries. The stand provides a private shopping experience for the Cannabis store customers.

For additional details visit newPCgadgets.

Secure iPad Stands For Retail Displays – 9.7 And 12.9 Models

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iPad Secure Mount For Retailers, Businesses and Professionals

iPad Secure Mount For Retailers, Businesses and Professionals

newPCgadgets introduces a high-end Secure iPad Mount for the 9.7 and 12.9 models. Constructed from clear acrylic, the new Secure iPad Mount is an elegant solution for retailers, businesses and professionals looking to promote their brands.

iPad Retail Stand For Business

iPad Retail Stand For Businesses, Retailers and Professionals

The new iPad Secure Mount is designed for companies like computer stores, luxury hotels, dental offices, real estate agencies, legal offices, financial institutions, retail stores and dozens more.

The iPad Secure Mount can be purchased directly from newPCgadgets. Visit them for additional details, pricing and pictures.