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New iPad 9.7 Table Stand With Apple Store Look


Apple Store Style Round Acrylic iPad Stand
Apple Store Style Round Acrylic iPad Stand
newPCgadgets introduces a new iPad 9.7 Stand with the Apple store look and an additional slot to hold the iPad upright.

Secure iPad 9.7 Stand For professionals and retailers
Secure iPad 9.7 Stand For professionals and retailers
Designed from solid 1 1/2″ acrylic the new iPad 9.7 Stand has a tapered angle and silicone outer-rings to hold the iPad firmly in place. With the new slotted design, you can also stand-up the iPad for improved viewing.

The iPad 9.7 Stand is now being offered at a special sale price of $39.95. For additional detail visit newPCgadgets.

We’ve Made The Apple Store iPad Stand Better!


round iPad stand with center slot holds iPad 5 uprightOur new round iPad Air and iPad Pro 9.7 stand replicates the Apple store look with a new center slot. With the new slot you can now stand the iPad 5 upright in either the landscape or portrait position. By adding this new feature we have turned the Apple store pedestal stand into a multi-function stand with the cool look of Apple store displays. Visit newPCgadgets for details and a new sale price.

iPad-iPhone Dual Desktop Stand With Apple Store Look And More!


dual iphone ipad desk stand with Apple store look newPCgadgets has taken the look of the Apple store iPad and iPhone stands and added several new features to improve both the look and performance. The Dual iPad iPhone base now has a center slot to allow the iPad to stand upright and to provide room in the front to hold any model iPhone. This space-saving design is ideal for tight spaces and allows the user to be more productive for applications like FaceTime, texting or just watching videos.

iPad stand laser engraved corporate logosFor business the new iPad stand works as an iPad display for companies looking for a new iPad stand to feature their presentations. newPCgadgets also offers corporate branding by laser engraving logo’s on the clear acrylic surface. Already companies like Bank of America and Hyatt Hotels have placed their logos on these new stands.

For additional details including pricing and custom engraving visit newPCgadgets iPad iPhone Stand.

New iPad Pro 9.7 Stand With Slot To Hold Upright


iPad Pro 9.7 Acrylic Stand
New Desktop Stand for the iPad Pro 9.7
Designed to hold Apple’s new iPad Pro 9.7 upright or at an angle for ease of use, The new iPad Pro 9.7 stand does both. The clear acrylic 6″ round tapered base is the ideal desk mount stand for your new iPad Pro. Now you can stand up your iPad Pro for viewing video’s and FaceTime or place it on the non-skid silicone rings for texting or playing games. Visit newMacgadgets for additional details and ordering.

New iPad Pro Desk Stand from newMacgadgets


iPad Pro Acrylic Desk Stand
New Acrylic Desktop Mount for the iPad Pro
newMacgadgets introduces the iPad Pro Desk Stand. The all-acrylic design can hold the new iPad Pro at a comfortable 60 degree angle for easy viewing or the iPad Pro can be positioned on the non-skid silicone ring to provide a comfortable workstation. The clear acrylic design gives the Apple store look while providing a durable desktop mount for the iPad Pro.

Visit newMacgadgets for additional details and to order yours today.

Last updated: January 16, 2016 at 22:29 pm