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New Promotional Product For Your Next Trade Show Or Event In 2019


Summer SALE On Smartphone Coasters – View Details

Smartphone Coasters Best Swag Product 2019
Smartphone Coasters Best Swag Product 2019
Clever and unique promotional products can add value to your brand so make sure to choose wisely for your next trade show in 2018. One product you might want to consider is Smartphone Coasters.

Dozens of large corporations like The Ritz-Carlton, Johnson Controls, Hyatt and IMS Health are using them as premium promotional giveaways.

Smartphone Coasters are designed to hold iPhones and Android phones as a convenience stand or charging base. They are made from clear acrylic and laser engraved. Priced at $2.99 each, they are considered high-end giveaway but according to companies like The Ritz-Carlton, “Well worth it.”

New Movie PROP Promotional Phone Stand From newPCgadgets
Check Out Our New Movie PROP Promotional Phone Stand
The goal of an effective giveaway item to ensure that they are used. Smartphone Coasters are likely to stay on the desk top and be used frequently ensuring that company logo’s are highly visible for years to come. For Additional details visit newPCgadgets.com

New Corporate Promotional Stand – Unique Customer Giveaway Item


Custom Engraved Acrylic Smartphone Stand from
Custom Engraved Acrylic Smartphone Stand from newPCgadgets
newPCgadgets introduces their new and improved Smartphone Coasters. Acrylic disc with a center slot designed to hold all Android and iPhone models, Smartphone Coasters are a favorite at home, business and Hospitality. Sold in sets of 4, Smartphone Coasters are the ideal Smartphone stand for meetings, trade-shows, lounges, restaurants and much more. Visit Promotional Smartphone Stand from newPCgadgets for additional details, quantity and pricing.