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New Promotional Item For Real Estate Agents That Works!


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High-End Realtor Promotional Item For 2019
High-End Realtor Promotional Item For 2019
Smartphone Coasters are a all-acrylic smartphone stand combined with the look of a business card and real estate sign to create a premium promotional product for realtors to hand out to their clients. If you are in the real estate agency, you know how important word-of-mouth and branding is when it comes to getting more business. One way to obtain more business with both of these methods is by giving away promotional items that are useful, functional, and are branded with your company information. Here are some different ways that smartphone coasters, like the ones made from newPCgadgets, can offer your real estate business.

Laser Engraved Logo On Them
First of all, smartphone coasters work great because they are really easy to brand with your company information. It isn’t just going to benefit you when your homeowners and previous clients are happy with the giveaway item, but because the more they use them, the more people will actually see your real estate business information. Someone might be over at their new house and see the coaster, ask where they got it, and mention it was a promotional item from their real estate agent. The person takes a look at the logo, sees the name of the real estate company, and that sticks in their mind. The fact that you can brand an item that is used regularly is huge in this industry.

Custom Engraved Realtor Smartphone Stands
Custom Engraved Realtor Smartphone Stands
The Coasters Are Made of Quality Materials One way that other real estate agents often go wrong is by giving away cheap, low-quality promotional items. They get a big discount by purchasing mouse pads or pens in bulk, so that is usually the type of item they will give away to their clients. However, these items are rarely used, and don’t really last that long. A pen is only going to last as long as the ink is still good, then it gets tossed in the trash. However, an item like an acrylic smartphone coaster is something that lasts a long time. These coasters by newPCgadgets have a slot large enough for the majority of smartphones and their cases, with a measurement of 5/8 inches wide. They are made from clear acrylic that are durable, protect the cell phone, and keep it from getting wet or damaged from sitting flat on a surface. They also have a very modern look, so people are even more inclined to use them. Best of all they are very reasonably priced, as low as $2.99 each (including engraved logo) in quantity.

New Movie PROP Promotional Phone Stand From newPCgadgets
Check Out Our New Movie PROP Promotional Phone Stand

Homeowners Will Continue Using the Coasters When you give away promotional items that have your real estate information on them, they are only effective if the homeowner uses them often. Smartphone coasters are a very popular option, not just because they are quality items, but because they are so useful. Everyone has a smartphone, and everyone needs a place to put their phone when they’re cooking, working, or charging the phone. These coasters provide all of that and more. They allow the phone to sit upright, whether it is charging or being used in a more convenient manner. The coaster keeps the phone from getting wet or dusty from sitting on a table or countertop, and it makes it much easier to use when doing other things. The more your clients use their free coaster, the more beneficial that branding is.
Use these coasters to give to your clients as a housewarming gift when they purchase a house, give away items at open houses, or to brand new clients looking for their first home. Visit newPCgadgets for additional details and free sample requests.