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New Alarm Clock Phone Stand And Charging Base For Next To Your Bed


New Alarm Clock Phone Stand And Charging Base
New Alarm Clock Phone Stand And Charging Base – Ideal For Vacation Rentals
newPCgadgets introduces a new Alarm Clock Phone Stand & Charging Base for anyone that uses their phone as an alarm clock (everyone). The all-acrylic stand features a laser engraved graphic of an “Old School Alarm Clock” and the text saying “Good Morning.” In addition, we’ve added a small coffee cup graphic just above the text.

As a charging base simply set your phone in the stand in the landscape position and plugin your charging cord. The charging cord can route out the rear of the base between the legs. The stand is extra wide to hold all sizes of Smartphones and even small tablets.

The Alarm Clock Phone Stand & Charging Base is 3.5″W x 3″H x 3.5″D and sell for $8.95 each.

Airbnb Hosts and vacation rental owners can add them to their property as an extra-touch to impress their guests. And, if they take it home with them after their stay charge a healthy profit! For additional details and to order visit newPCgadgets.

Be TRENDY – Offer Smartphone Coasters


At home or work Smartphones have become a part of our daily life. newPCgadgets has just introduced a new stainless steel coaster that provides the ultimate convenience stand for Smartphones.

Smartphone Coasters are space-saving and stackable. Perfect for home or business, Smartphone Coasters provide friends, guests or customers fast access to their Smartphones. Best of all they are very affordable and really trendy. Use them for entertaining at home, for your business conference.

They work great at sports bars or restaurants. Smartphone Coasters work anywhere people gather with their phones. Prices are as low as $4.95 each in quantity and available directly from newPCgadgets.