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Secure iPad Mounts for Dental & Medical Waiting Rooms


 iPad 9.7 Secure Desk Mount For Dental Offices And Waiting Rooms
All-Acrylic iPad 9.7 Secure Desk Mount For Dental Offices And Waiting Rooms
newPCgadets introduces the new Secure iPad Mount for dental and medical waiting rooms and professional offices. These all-acrylic mounts are secure and elegant, designed with the look and feel of the Apple store displays. Constructed from 1 1/2″ clear acrylic these mounts are both durable and sleek looking, enhancing the look of any lounge or waiting room.

iPad Secure Stand With Two Piece Assembly
Two-Piece Acrylic Frame Conceals Charging Cord -Secures With Stainless Steel Tamper-Proof Screws
For the new iPad 9.7 newPCgadgets has just introduced their latest secure version that also duplicates the look and feel of Apple store displays while providing both a secure and durable iPad mount.

Ideal placements for newPCgadets iPad mounts include: in dental and medical offices they act as entertainment but can also subtly suggest something like Here’s more information about tooth implants pricing, or in doctors offices they will be used as a pacifier for unruly children to play on, in reception areas, in patient lounges and dozens more. For additional details visit newPCgadgets today.

Last updated: May 19, 2019 at 12:46 pm