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What Are The Best iPad Stands To Prop Up The New iPad?


Apple Store Style Round Acrylic iPad Stand
Apple Store Style Round Acrylic iPad Stand
With dozens of options to choose from which iPad stand props up the new iPad and creates a solid base to hold it firmly in place? For mobile use, the iPad Smart Cover from Apple provides a convenient solution offering multiple positions. The Smart Cover is a little flimsy but gets the job done. The Smart Cover doesn’t take up much space and provides protection for your iPad screen when not in use. The Smart Cover sells for around $40.

Apple iPad Smart Cover Stand
Apple iPad Smart Cover
For iPad stands that are less mobile and designed to stay at your home or office you might like the Apple store style acrylic stand. This base is a solid 1.5 lbs with a center slot designed to let you stand up the iPad or use it on a slant. If you like the look of the Apple store fixtures and you need a substantial base to hold the iPad in place for FaceTime, watching videos, using apps or working, then this stand would be a good fit. Priced at $39.95 they are available from newPCgadgets.com.