Smartphone Coasters, A New Promotional Item For Luxury Car Dealerships


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New High-End Promotional Item For Luxury Car Dealerships

New High-End Promotional Item For Luxury Car Dealerships

newPCgadgets introduces Smartphone Coasters, a new promotional item for luxury car dealerships. Smartphone Coasters are a premium automotive giveaway for dealerships like; Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Cadillac, Lexus, Telsa and dozens more.

Promotional Smartphone Stands With Logo

Premium Promotional Gift For Customers

As an appreciation gift for car dealerships to offer their customers, Smartphone Coasters are an upscale alternative to promotional items that are quickly discarded. Smartphone Coasters combine the look of your business card with a all-acrylic phone stand to create an upscale luxury car promotional item that will be used for years to come.

Already dozens of Mercedes, Cadillac and BMW car dealerships offer Smartphone Coasters as gifts to their clients. Smartphone Coasters can also be used as seasonal holiday gifts for new or future car buyers at your dealership.

Contact newPCgadgets to order some for your dealership or to find out additional details and pricing.