New Airbnb Coasters – Special Sale

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Airbnb Coasters & Signs

Airbnb Coasters & Signs

We recently produced these Airbnb Coasters for one of our customers to take to a trade show and have some left over.

If you are looking for a clever gift idea for your guests or something to decorate your Airbnb home these should fit the bill. Use them as coasters, small signs or anything else you can think of.

The Acrylic Coasters are 1/4″ thick and 3 3/4″ round. We are liquidating them in sets of 4 for $9.95 (regular price was $4.95 each). If you would like a set here is our Sale Product Page.

New House Rules And Host Status Signs For Airbnb Homes

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Airbnb House Rules Signs and SuperHost Welcome Sign

Airbnb House Rules Signs and SuperHost Welcome Sign

newPCgadgets introduces new Signs to let your Airbnb guests know your house rules and Host status. The new all-acrylic signs add a professional look to your Airbnb home while informing your guests of important information during their stay.

Airbnb Superhost Sign 2 for countertops

Airbnb Superhost Sign
2 3/4″W x 4″H for countertops

The SuperHost Sign can sit near the front entrance of your home to let your arriving guests know that they are staying with a five-star, verified SuperHost.

The three house rules signs include; a NO-SMOKING Sign so guests know your Airbnb home is smoke-free, a Bathroom Sign to inform guests what not to flush down the toilet and a Conserve Energy Sign to remind them to turn off the lights.

Each laser engraved acrylic sign is 2 3/4″W x 4″H and sits on any table or countertop. The House Rule Signs sells for $18.95 (set of 4) or individually.  To order visit our product page at this LINK.

We accept all credit cards and Paypal.

New Host Welcome Sign For Airbnb Hosts

New Host Welcome Sign For Airbnb Hosts with custom engraving

Make sure to checkout our popular Host Welcome Sign with custom engraving.