Stick-on Cable Organizers a clever solution to cluttered cables


Stick-On Cable OrganizersThere are quite a few cable organizer products to choose from, but this may be the most clever. Stick-On Cable Organizers do just that, with a double-sided adhesive backing you can easily attach them to any surface and safely place your computer cables into the rubber sleeve. Packaged in sets of two, each organizer can hold up to 5 small or medium size cables (less for larger cables).

Great for desktop computers, laptops or anywhere you have excess wires and cables. You can easily attach them on the back edge of your workstation, or on top. They work great on the back of your computer or even the back of your monitor. The attracive ABS plastic design with rubber protective grippers, enhances the look of your work area while organizing your cluttered cables.

I placed one on each side of my desktop computer and placed my frequently used cable connectors on one side and cables like my monitor, phone and printer cable on the other side. I like having my desktop organized and these do the job very nicely. Stick-On Cable Organizers are available at for $12.95 a set.