New Promotional Item For Real Estate & Insurance Agents – Smartphone Coasters

Century 21 realtor promotional itemSmartphone Coasters are a new promotional phone stand for real estate agents and other sales professionals. Smartphone Coasters unique design enables real estate agents to give the look of a business card with the convenience of a desktop phone stand to create a powerful promotional item. Current customers and potential new clients will love the benefits of this new phone stand ensuring that they will keep it on their desk for years to come with your info in plain view.

Premium Realtor Promotional Gift For Clients

Premium Realtor Promotional Gift For Clients

Smartphone Coasters work with all smartphones and can hold them in either position and be used as a charging base. Smartphone Coasters can be ordered in any size quantity unlike other types of promotional items. Visit Smartphone Coasters from newPCgadgets for additional details and pricing.

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