New Promotional Gift For Cell Phone Retailers, Dealers & Distributors


New Promotional Gift For Cell Phone Retailers and Dealers

Promotional Phone Stand For Cell Phone Retailers, Distributors & Dealers

Cell phone dealers, distributors and retailers that are looking for a new promotional gift to offer their customers will appreciate the benefits of Smartphone Coasters from newPCgadgets.

Smartphone Coasters are a custom promotional phone stand with a large logo display designed for retailers as gifts for their VIP customers. Smartphone Coasters are a premium promotional product that will offer maximum branding for cellular dealers and retailers. As a high-end promotional gift they are constructed from clear acrylic with a laser engraved logo or message from the retailer. Smartphone Coasters will last for years, ensuring that the logo or message is always in view.

Smartphone Coasters combine the look of a business card with the function of a desktop phone stand to create a promotional product that is constantly in use and displaying the retailers message or logo (Or both). For additional details visit Smartphone Coasters From newPCgadgets.

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