New iPhone 5 & iPod Touch Acrylic Wall Mount Frame


iPhone 5/iPod Touch Wall Mount Frame
Secures in Landscape or Portrait Position
Now you can secure and mount your iPhone 5 & iPod Touch 5 to the wall in an elegant acrylic frame. The new iPhone 5/iPod Touch Wall Mount Frame is a stylish and secure base that mounts to any wall. The iPhone 5 or iPod Touch is secured within a 1″ all acrylic base and locking outer-frame. Mounting screws are concealed behind the iPhone or iPod and allow the base to hang in either the portrait or landscape position.

In addition, two outer-frames are included, one includes a home-button guard and the other provides access to the home-button. The outer-frames secure with tamper-proof screws (hardware included). There is a slot behind the base to conceal the charging cable within the wall. There are also slots for the on/off switch and headphone jack. The outer-frame secures the edges of the iPhone 5 or iPod Touch allowing full-access to the touch-screen.

The new iPhone 5/iPod Touch Wall Mount Frame is ideal for all types of displays, including trade-shows, exhibits, workplace, schools, retailers and anywhere else security is a concern. Retail is $59.95. For additional details and ordering information please visit newMacgadgets.

Last updated: August 21, 2018 at 15:38 pm