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Apple Store Style Round Acrylic iPad Stand
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One of the coolest things at the Apple store is their iPad Acrylic Stand. Apple doesn’t sell them but we do! We even made them better by adding a slot. Now on SALE for $39.95 (regular retail $59.95).

Apple Store Acrylic Stand With Slot
Holds iPad Upright Or On A Slant

Product Features:

  • Apple store look with slot
  • 6″ round acrylic design
  • Non-slip silicone rings
  • Holds iPad upright or slant
  • Can hold iPhone & iPad at same time
  • Sale Price $39.95 (Regular $59.95)
iPad And iPhone Acrylic Desktop Stand
Holds Both iPad & iPhone For Multitasking

Our iPad Acrylic Stand matches the look and feel of the Apple store stand with several added features. Just like the Apple store display, our iPad Desk Stand is constructed from 1 1/2″ clear acrylic (6″ diameter) with non-skid outer silicone rings. As an added feature, we have created a center slot to hold the iPad upright in the landscape position.

Apple Store Acrylic Stand Holds iPad On A Slant
Non-Slip Silicone Rings And Tapered Angle

Place your iPhone on the front of the stand and your iPad in the slot to multitask (see picture).

The iPad Acrylic Stand works with all iPad models. Bring the Apple store look to your office or home today.

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