iPad Security In The Workplace


Secure iPad In Retail StoreDo you use an iPad in your business? Here are some tips for keeping it secure

Tablets, such as iPads and iPad minis, are often used in businesses for a myriad of reasons. You might be a retail store that is selling these devices and need to display them so your customers can try them out, or you may have them set up in your office for ease of use, but don’t want someone else to access your private files. In both cases, they are very convenient to have, but also may be a security risk. The following tips for help you to secure the device as a whole, and secure the data from being stolen.

Use Desk or Wall Mounts
New iPad 5 Desk Mount from newPCgadgetsThe first thing you need to do when using an iPad device in your business, whether in your office or as a storefront model, is to secure the actual device. The risk with leaving them out for others to use and try out on their own is that a dishonest individual might walk away with it. The best thing you can do is secure it to the tabletop or desk with a desk mount. There are mounts that fit iPads of all sizes, from the smaller iPads and iPad minis, to the iPad Air and iPad Pro. These devices come in many types of materials, though the new acrylic ones are highly recommended. They have a sleek look, but are nearly impenetrable. You can secure them to any flat surface either using screws or adhesive strips. It keeps them secured to the surface where people can use them, but can’t walk away with them.

New iPad Secure Wall Mount from newPCgadgetsYou and your customers will have full use of the devices, including turning it off and on, using the touch screen, and accessing the charging port. A neat thing about these mounts is that even though you aren’t selling the iPads in an actual Apple store, it looks like it. They are made with clear acrylic, making the iPad pop out but also have the sleek look of the display mount. Depending on the use, you might also want to use a similar mount, but one that can secure the device to the wall. This is great for storefront when you want the display to be accessible, but also make it easier for others to see. You can mount them in a portrait or landscape position. Additional details can be found at newMacgadgets.

Enable Limited Apps
Now that you have figured out a way to secure the iPad device to the table, countertop, or wall, you need to secure the access. This includes allowing the user to access some of the apps, but not everything. For example, it should be fine to leave open basic apps like a web browser of your choosing, YouTube, and gaming apps or even shortcuts to gaming pages such as ArmchairEmpire.com which lots of people use. These are things people often want to use on an iPad to view the image, listen to the sound, and see how video plays on the device. They want to check the speed with the web browser and maybe even play a game or two. However, you don’t want to give them access to personal apps like the iCloud. You can configure the device to where these apps are either not visible or are password-protected. It is a similar method to when you are locking access from a child.

Set a Passcode For the Device
Another similar option for keeping the iPad data secure while allowing it to be used for a demonstration or display is to set a passcode for certain users. For your own use as the administrator, have a unique password that nobody could possibly guess. Never use a passcode with a name, address, phone number, business name, or dictionary word. Also create a separate user for when you display the iPad. This may or may not be password-protected and allows access to the limited apps you have approved for customer use. That way, when setting it up as a display, you only log into the customer user and know everything is safe.

As a final security measure, make sure the iPad devices have “Find My iPad” turned on. That way, if someone does figure out a way to grab the iPad, you can easily lock it and track it down.

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