Bathroom Rules Acrylic Wall Sign For Vacation Rentals


Bathroom Rules Stick-On Sign

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Airbnb Pink Acrylic Bathroom Sign

Bathroom Rules Wall Mount Sign For Airbnb

Introducing our new Bathroom Rules Sign in bright acrylic colors , for your Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway or other Vacation Rental businesses.

Bathroom Rules Blue Acrylic Wall Mount In Blue

Bathroom Toilet Sign Vacation Rentals

Our new Bathroom Rules Sign is ideal for letting your guests what not to flush down the toilet. Position the Bathroom Rules Sign just above the toilet and avoid numerous clogged toilets.

  • Stick On Wall Mount
  • Choose Your Background Color
  • Complements Any Decor
  • $9.95 Each (Sale Price)

Bathroom Rules Wall Signs In Colors

Bathroom Rules Wall Signs In Colors

We laser engrave the Bathroom Rules Sign on a clear acrylic surface and then add a bright acrylic background layer to make it stand out.

We currently offer 4 acrylic background colors to choose from; Black, Silver, Pink and Blue.

Our Bathroom Rules Sign is small but highly visible (6″W x 3″H x 1/4″D) and can be placed anywhere in the bathroom with non-permanent 3M clear adhesive tabs (included). Unlike large, bulky signs our wall mount signs enhance your decor without taking up much space.

The Bathroom Rules Sign is now on sale for $9.95 each (Regular price $12.95).

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