New Promotional Item For Real Estate Agents That Works!

promotional real estate agent phone stand

New Premium Phone Stand With Business Card Display For Realtors

Why New Smartphone Coasters Work Great as Promotional Items
Smartphone Coasters are a acrylic phone stand combined with the look of a laser engraved business card to create a premium promotional product for real estate agents. If you are in the real estate agency, you know how important word-of-mouth and branding is when it comes to getting more business. One way to obtain more business with both of these methods is by giving away promotional items that are useful, functional, and are branded with your company information. Here are some different ways that smartphone coasters, like the ones made from newPCgadgets, can offer your real estate business.

Laser Engraved Logo On Them
First of all, smartphone coasters work great because they are really easy to brand with your company information. It isn’t just going to benefit you when your homeowners and previous clients are happy with the giveaway item, but because the more they use them, the more people will actually see your real estate business information. Someone might be over at their new house and see the coaster, ask where they got it, and mention it was a promotional item from their real estate agent. The person takes a look at the logo, sees the name of the real estate company, and that sticks in their mind. The fact that you can brand an item that is used regularly is huge in this industry.

Promotional phone stand for realtors

Works as a charging base or convenience stand

The Coasters Are Made of Quality Materials One way that other real estate agents often go wrong is by giving away cheap, low-quality promotional items. They get a big discount by purchasing mouse pads or pens in bulk, so that is usually the type of item they will give away to their clients. However, these items are rarely used, and don’t really last that long. A pen is only going to last as long as the ink is still good, then it gets tossed in the trash. However, an item like an acrylic smartphone coaster is something that lasts a long time. These coasters by newPCgadgets have a slot large enough for the majority of smartphones and their cases, with a measurement of 5/8 inches wide. They are made from clear acrylic that are durable, protect the cell phone, and keep it from getting wet or damaged from sitting flat on a surface. They also have a very modern look, so people are even more inclined to use them. Best of all they are very reasonably priced, as low as $2.99 each (including engraved logo) in quantity.

Homeowners Will Continue Using the Coasters
When you give away promotional items that have your real estate information on them, they are only effective if the homeowner uses them often. Smartphone coasters are a very popular option, not just because they are quality items, but because they are so useful. Everyone has a smartphone, and everyone needs a place to put their phone when they’re cooking, working, or charging the phone. These coasters provide all of that and more. They allow the phone to sit upright, whether it is charging or being used in a more convenient manner. The coaster keeps the phone from getting wet or dusty from sitting on a table or countertop, and it makes it much easier to use when doing other things. The more your clients use their free coaster, the more beneficial that branding is.
Use these coasters to give to your clients as a housewarming gift when they purchase a house, give away items at open houses, or to brand new clients looking for their first home. Visit newPCgadgets for additional details and free sample requests.

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New Promotional Product For Hotels & Hospitality

new premium promotional product for hotels

Promotional Phone Stand For Hotels

newPCgadgets introduces Smartphone Coasters, a premium promotional product designed for the Hospitality and hotel marketplace. Smartphone Coasters are a premium hotel giveaway for clients and vip guests. PhoneKicks are an all-acrylic phone stand featuring a large surface area for the hotels laser engraved logo. PhoneKicks also work as a Tablet stand.

Already hotels like The Ritz-Carlton, Marriott and Wyndahm Worldwide have given Smartphone Coasters to their guests as a promotional giveaway or offered them for sale in their gift shops. Smartphone Coasters are priced at $3.95 each including engraving and can be ordered in quantities as little as 50 units. For additional details visit,

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Promote Your Company Brand – New High-End Promotional Product From newPCgadgets

New Smartphone Stand With Corporate Logo

Upscale Corporate Promotional product

newPCgadgets has just released Smartphone Coasters, their latest premium promotional product designed for companies and corporations looking for a unique gift idea.

Smartphone Coasters are an all-acrylic Smartphone stand with a large billboard area to prominently display company logo’s. In addition, Smartphone Coasters work with most Tablets. The laser engraved logo features a stylish way to promote corporate brands on a product that will be used for years to come.

Smartphone Coasters are designed for all types of businesses looking for a premium corporate gift or company promotional product. Companies like real estate, healthcare, accountants, law firms, hospitality and much more can all benefit from this upscale giveaway product.

Pricing starts at $3.95 each (with logo) in quantities as low as 50 pieces. For additional details visit,

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Wouldn’t Your iPad Look COOL On An Apple Store Display?

Apple Store iPad Stand for sale from newPCgadgets

All-Acrylic Apple Store Pedestal With Slot

Did you know that the Apple store doesn’t sell their iPad acrylic pedestals? That seems odd, since they would make a great desktop stand.

As an Apple vendor we decided to take the challenge and produce a better mousetrap or Apple stand.

We matched the clear all-acrylic design. To improve function, we added a center slot to enable the iPad to stand upright. This offers full-flexibility for positioning the iPad and allows the iPhone to sit in the front of the pedestal creating a dual iPhone/iPad base.

We have less than 50 left at our $39.95 sale price (same day shipping).

Apple store iPad iPhone desk stand

Dual iPad-iPhone Acrylic Pedestal

Apple charges their retailers over $100 each for their acrylic stands. Our improved version is on sale for $39.95 (regular price $69.95).

If you’re a business looking for a high-end iPad display for an upcoming trade-show or a consumer that loves the look of the Apple store, then we have just what you’ve been looking for. Visit Apple Store Stands From newPCgadgets.

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New Premium Promotional Giveaway And Corporate Gift “PhoneKicks”

New PhoneKicks Promotional GiveawayNew PhoneKicks All-Acrylic Promotional Smartphone Stand

newPCgadgets introduces their latest corporate promotional item PhoneKicks. Designed as a premium promotional giveaway or corporate gift for trade-shows and events, the all-acrylic design offers a large billboard display for corporate logo’s or message. Unlike other promotional items, PhoneKicks are a higher-end product designed for long-term use.

PhoneKicks are both a logo Smartphone stand and a logo Tablet stand. PhoneKicks can be used as a Smartphone or Tablet charging base or viewing stand. The laser engraved logo makes them ideal as event gifts, high-end corporate giveaways and much more.

newPCgadets offers fast turn-around with starting quantities as low as 50 units. PhoneKicks are priced as low as $3.99 each. Visit PhoneKicks for additional details and pictures.

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We’ve Made The Apple Store iPad Stand Better!

round iPad stand with center slot holds iPad 5 uprightOur new round iPad 5 (5th generation) stand replicates the Apple store look with a new center slot. With the new slot you can now stand the iPad 5 upright in either the landscape or portrait position. By adding this new feature we have turned the Apple store pedestal stand into a multi-function stand with the cool look of Apple store displays. Visit newPCgadgets for details and a new sale price.

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4 Ways to Create Eye-Catching Displays For Your Next Trade Show Or Event

4 Ways to Create Eye-Catching Displays For Your Next Trade Show

new iPad Trade Show Display

Acrylic iPad Dispay For Trade Shows

Attending trade shows can provide your business with a lot of benefits, from being able to network with other businesses in the same industry, to reaching out to customers, clients, and vendors. When you set up your booth, it is important that you give others a reason to stop by. This is first done with the type of display you have. These tips will help you choose displays and decorative elements that make people want to find out more about your business. Pictured above iPad Secure Mounts with Apple store look.

Think About Function

iPad Trade-Show Secure Stand

iPad Trade-Show Secure Stand

Before you start setting up your display, think of the layout in a way that makes it more functional. Even if it is beautiful and catches other people’s attention, they might leave right away if they can’t get around the booth and look at everything you have to offer. There are different types of layouts, depending on the type of displays you have, how big the booth is, and how many people need to access different parts of the booth. U-shaped layouts are often used because it gives people more space to walk around without bumping into each other. The reason you need to keep this in mind, is because it helps to determine what other display elements you will be using to draw in a crowd and keep them there. See newPCgadgets iPad tethered mounts.

Use Apple iPad and iPhone Stands and Mounts for Trade Shows

New acrylic Apple iPad pedestals stands for trade shows

Apple Pedestal Stands For Trade Shows

If you have an iPad, you know it runs fast, has excellent video quality, and works great for presentations. You probably already know how helpful it can be to use it as trade shows. Instead of trying to stand it up against something or use a flimsy tablet stand found at the local box store, why not try a really good, high-quality stand? There are desktop stands that not only hold the iPad in place, but can hold it at an angle so others are able to see the demonstration or presentation. You can also get mounts for both the table and the wall in your trade show booth. This keeps them secure so nobody walks off with them, which is important since you might be busy talking to someone else. More details on the Apple Pedestals pictured above.

Place Items on Different Levels

The reason why the stands are so important is because it allows people to see the information or video at different levels. They don’t have to look down at the device, but can see the tabletop device as it is tilted up, or they can look ahead at a wall mounted iPad that is at eye level. Other aspects of your display also need to follow this same rules. Have some items placed on the table around your booth, but on boxes or stands of different heights. You can also use the walls of the booth to your advantage by putting up shelving units so people can look there as well.

Promotional Items As Givaways

Trade Show Promotional Smartphone Stand

Trade Show Promotional Smartphone Stand

For existing customers and potential new customers consider higher-end promotional items. High-end promotional gifts have a much greater impact on your brand and are appreciated by your loyal customer base. Look for products that will be used consistenly and not tossed out like most giveaways. These items should promote your logo or message prominently within plain sight. Also, look for products that are unique or clever. Trade show attendees always like something new and not the same old pens, pencils, calendars key chains, etc. Make sure to check out our new Smartphone Coasters.

Also don’t forget to add proper lighting throughout the booth to highlight certain areas, whether setting our products or bringing attention to the iPad stands or mounts you have on display.

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New Clear Acrylic Secure iPad mini Wall Mounts

secure your iPad mini 1, 2, 3 and 4 with our new Wall Mounts

New Clear Acrylic iPad mini Wall Mounts

If you are in the market for a wall mount for your iPad mini, then make sure to check out our new clear acrylic low-profile mount wall mounts. We have designed our new iPad mini Wall Mount to fit all models including: the iPad mini 1, 2, 3 and 4. The clear acrylic design provides an elegant display that is secured with stainless steel tamper-proof screws. In addition, we have concealed the Lighting charging cable for a seamless look.

We also have a simlar version for the new iPad, iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad Air (1 & 2). Find out more at iPad mini Wall Mounts from newPCgadgets.

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New iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base – Just Like Apple Store Display

NewMacgadgets has recently introduced a new product to their popular line of current iPad displays called the iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base. Designed to be similar in look to the Apple Store display, the new iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base is ideal for all versions of the iPad including the new iPad Mini & iPad 4 (just being introduced this week). This new base will also work well with all types of android tablets including the popular Samsung Galaxy and Nexus models.

Manufactured from solid 2″ clear acrylic with a 6″ diameter, the new iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base has a high-polished and stylish look, perfect for displaying the iPad in retail outlets, trade-shows, conferences and numerous other events. In addition, anti-slip silicone gel pads are placed on the top and bottom for a sure-grip. NewMacgadgets has set the retail at a very reasonable $49.95 each. For additional details and our new sale price please visit iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base

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We’ve Added A New Stand To Our iPhone and iPod Touch Security Kits

New lock and cable security for the iPhone and iPod TouchWe’ve added a new stand to hold our popular selling iPhone and iPod Touch lock and cable security kits. Our new stand will not only hold the iPhone or iPod upright but it will also allow for the lighting charging cable to be plugged in at all times. With the 5′ cable and light-weight aluminum security brackets you can easily remove the iPhone or iPod Touch from the stand with full-flexibility. Fits iPhone 5, 6 and 7 and iPod Touch 5 and 6. For full details visit newPCgadgets.

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