How To Choose The Best Custom Promotional Item For Your Business Or Startup


The most common misconception when it comes to promotional items is that cheaper is better. The truth is, almost all cheap promotional products are discarded within several days and provide little to no promotional value for your company.

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How to choose the best promotional product for your business

Upscale Smartphone Coasters from newPCgadgets

To achieve the desired result of effectively promoting your business, new product, service or startup a promotional item must be beneficial to your customer. Higher-end promotional items tend to achieve this result by providing long-term value. Searching for the best premium promotional item can be a daunting task.

To find the right promotional item keep in mind the following goals. First, if your goal is to promote your brand, contact information or message, then look for products that provide a large display area for customers to easily view. Your message is critical, so make sure it can be easily seen. Many cheap promotional items provide only the minimum display space. Second, look for upscale promotional items that will be used in the work place. This will ensure the best visibility and likelihood that they will be seen by co-workers, clients and customers.

Expect to pay a little more for a custom high-end promotional item that accomplishes these goals. The beneficial value they will provide will last for years, making the investment well worthwhile.

Custom Engraved Acrylic Smartphone Stand from

Custom Engraved Acrylic Smartphone Stand from newPCgadgets

Whether you are a realtor, insurance agent, restaurant owner, sales rep, manufacturer or service business, new customers are critical to your growth. Make sure to choose the right promotional product that will keep those leads flowing. To see one of our best-selling promotional items visit Smartphone Coasters from newPCgadgets.

New Promotional Gift For Financial Advisors, Banks & Financial Institutions

Mortgage Brokers And Financial Advisors Promotional Product

High-End Custom Engraved Smartphone Coasters For Financial Institutions

Smartphone Coasters are a new promotional product designed for banks, credit unions, financial advisors and other financial institutions looking for a premium promotional gift that their customers will appreciate and use.

Smartphone Coasters feature a large display area for banks and financial institutions to display their logo and message while providing a beneficial phone stand that their customers will keep on their desk and use for years to come. The company logo is engraved on the clear acrylic stand providing a high-quality and long-lasting promotional product.

Financial advisors can also place additional information similar to what is on their business card to provide their customers with immediate contact information that will always be visible on their desk.

Pricing is as low as $2.99 each in quantity. To order or for additional details visit newPCgadgets.