New Patriotic Themed Phone Stands Make Great Gifts


Patriotic Phone Stand With American Eagle

New Patriotic Themed Phone Stand – Great Holiday Gift Idea

newPCgadgets introduces Patriotic Themed Phone Stands. They laser engrave different patriotic images on their popular selling Smartphone Stand to create a collectible phone stand.

As an under $10 impulse gift item, Patriotic Themed Phone Stands have quickly become a best seller. The one pictured above is of the American Eagle with the backdrop of the American Flag and USA emblem just below.

Both A Convenience Phone Stand and Charging Base.

Both A Convenience Phone Stand & Charging Base.

Priced at $8.95 each they are an ideal gift for kids or adults. And just in time for the upcoming holidays this summer. For additional details visit newPCgadgets.

New Cannabis Store Fixture – Acrylic iPad Display


iPad Stand For Cannabis Dispensaries

iPad Clear Acryic Mount For Cannabis Stores & Dispensaries

As more Cannabis stores come online, newPCgadgets has designed a new high-end store fixture for Dispensaries to improve their customers shopping experience.

The Secure iPad Mount is available for the iPad 9.7 and similar sized older versions like the iPad Air. The iPad Stand is designed for Cannabis Dispensaries to give a high-tech look for this new retail industry. The secure all-acrylic iPad Mount has the feel of an Apple store display while providing the customer with a private menu for shopping and placing orders.

Visit newPCgadgets for additional details and pricing.