New iPad Air 1 and 2 Secure Wall Mounts From newPCgadgets


New iPad Air 1, 2 Secure Wall Mount in black acrylicWe have designed a new low-profile, black acrylic iPad Air 1 and 2 secure wall mount for businesses looking for a stunning visual display for their iPads. Our iPad Air wall mounts sit flat on the wall in either the landscape or portrait position. Visit newPCgadgets for additional details and pricing.

New Trade Show Displays for your Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad


iPad DisplaysnewMacgadets now lets you take the Apple Store with you.

Apple Trade Show vendors will now have a leg up on the competition with newMacgadgets line of Apple Store acrylic display fixtures designed with security in mind. Trade show exhibitors can showcase and secure their iPad, iPod and iPhone products with the sleek look of acrylic display found at the Apple store.

NewMacgadgets line of acrylic Apple store display fixtures include:

The new Signature Series – iPad Display
Personalized, elegant and secure, the new Signature Series Acrylic Display offers the ultimate in showcasing your iPad or iPad Mini.

Apple store lookThe new iPhone 5 Security Base
Display the iPhone 5 while securing it in this elegant acrylic base. Also designed to provide full-flexibility for using the iPhone in either direction. Will also work the iPod Touch 5. Ideal for retailers and businesses looking for a high-end display

Apple Store LookThe New iPad Mini Security Base
New acrylic iPad Mini Display; the perfect anti-theft display with the Apple Store look.

Apple Store LookThe iPad Security Base
Secure your iPad 2,3, or 4- this base holds them all; showcase the iPad in style with the sleek look of this acrylic display base.

Apple Store LookThe Apple Headphone Stand
NewMacgadgets duplicates this simple, yet clean look. Style and functionality with an Apple Store look.

Apple Store LookThe Apple Store Acrylic Pedestals
NewMacgadgets offers two sizes of round, wedge shaped, acrylic pedestals to hold the iPad and iPad Mini. Both have silicone rings for sure-grip and our made out of solid clear acrylic, just like the Apple store displays.

Wall mount frame for your iPhone 5 or iPod Touch fifth generation
New iPhone 5 & iPod Touch Wall Mount Frame
NewMacgadgets introduces the new iPhone 5 & iPod Touch (fifth generation) Wall Mount Frame. Ideal for tradeshows and exhibitions. The clear 1″ all acrylic case secures while offering a stylish look for your trade show presentations.

For your next trade show make sure to contact newMacgadgets for your fixture and display needs.

Last updated: July 20, 2019 at 23:28 pm

New 2 in 1 Tablet Weights for the iPad and Samsung Galaxy


2 in 1 acrylic display newPCgadgets has just introduced Tablet Weights, a 2 in 1 acrylic display stand designed to hold most Android and Apple tablets in multiple positions making it ideal for work or display. Tablet Weights are made of high quality 1 1/2″ clear acrylic with an outer silicone ring. The center slot is designed to allow tablets to stand in either the landscape or portrait position. The 6″ diameter acrylic base provides a sturdy non-skid surface that enhances the look and function of the iPad, Samsung Galaxy and dozens more models.

Outer silicone ring firmly holds tabletsTablets are held in place with the outer silicone ring when placed across the flat surface of the acrylic base. When placed in the 1/2″ slot, tablets can be positioned in either direction depending on preference. The heavy base and bottom non-skid pad hold tablets firmly in place providing a stylish solution for all types of applications.

2 in 1 base for your tablet computerTablet Weights can go anywhere and are ideal for retail stores, trade-shows, conferences, kitchens, offices and dozens more. Tablet Weights fit all tablets that are thinner than .40, this includes almost every model currently produced. Retail is $49.95 for additional details visit them online at

New iPhone Desk And Counter Mounts, Secures iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8 And iPod Touch


new secure iPhone and iPod Touch counter mounts from newPCgadgets
Secure iPhone/iPod Counter Mounts
If you are looking for a secure and stylish counter or desk mount display for your iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8 or iPod Touch (5, 6) then you will want to check out newPCgadgets new line of locking display stands. Designed for retail, trade shows, business and any other place where security is a concern, these mounts are easy to install and look professional.

The clear acrylic mount holds the iPhone or iPod Touch and is secured with an outer-frame and stainless steel tamper-proof screws. The rear acyrlic mount holds the iPhone upright at a fixed 20 degree angle and secures with clear 3M double-sided adhesive (similar to Apple store mounts). The counter-mount is angled for optimum viewing and interaction. Unlike other bulky metal alternatives, newPCgadgets has designed their mount to enhance the look the iPhone or iPod touch.

If you are looking for something new to hold your iPhone or iPod Touch for your next trade-show or retail location make sure to visit for additional details.

New iPad mini 4 Table Stand from newPCgadgets


new iPad mini 4 table stand from newPCgadgetsOur new iPad mini 4 Table Stand is ideal for holding the mini 4 at a convenient angle in either position. The tapered clear plastic design holds the iPad mini at a 3o degree angle and the non-skid pads hold the mini 4 securely in place. The mini 4 Table Stand is ideal for business or home and retails for $24.95. Check them out at newPCgadgets.