New iPad 12.9 Locking Counter Mount


new iPad Pro 12.9 locking counter mount
Secure iPad Pro 12.9 Counter Mount
newPCgadgets introduces a secure counter mount for the iPad Pro 12.9. Only several companies produce a secure counter-top mount due to the large size of the iPad 12.9. newPCgadgets is the only company to produce it in a clear acrylic (similar to the Apple store displays). The elegant base mounts to any counter-top with screws or adhesive strips (both included). The iPad Pro 12.9 is held in place with a 1/4″ clear acrylic outer-frame and tamper-proof screws. The Lighting charging cable secures within the mount and routes under the base. For additional details and pricing visit newPCgadgets.

New Promotional Item For Real Estate & Insurance Agents – Smartphone Coasters


Century 21 realtor promotional itemSmartphone Coasters are a new premium promotional phone stand for real estate and insurance agents. Smartphone Coasters unique design enables real estate and insurance agents a way to promote their agency by combining the look of a business card with the convenience of a desktop phone stand.

Current customers and potential new clients will love the benefits of this new promotional gift item. Smartphone Coasters will be used over and over again, ensuring your agency contact information is always in plain view.

Premium Realtor Promotional Gift For Clients
Premium Realtor Promotional Gift For Clients
Smartphone Coasters work with all phones and can hold them in either position and be used as a charging base. Smartphone Coasters can be ordered in any size quantity unlike other types of promotional items. Visit for additional details and pricing.

New Corporate Promotional Stand – Unique Customer Giveaway Item


Custom Engraved Acrylic Smartphone Stand from
Custom Engraved Acrylic Smartphone Stand from newPCgadgets
newPCgadgets introduces their new and improved Smartphone Coasters. Acrylic disc with a center slot designed to hold all Android and iPhone models, Smartphone Coasters are a favorite at home, business and Hospitality. Sold in sets of 4, Smartphone Coasters are the ideal Smartphone stand for meetings, trade-shows, lounges, restaurants and much more. Visit Promotional Smartphone Stand from newPCgadgets for additional details, quantity and pricing.

Tips To Secure An iPhone Or iPod Touch At Your Next Trade Show


iPhone and iPod Cable Lock Security Kit
iPhone and iPod Cable Lock Kit
If you are looking for a secure iPhone stand for your next trade show we have a few suggestions that might help.

Cable and lock solutions for the iPhone or iPod Touch are popular for events and exhibitions. These type of secure displays offer the flexibility for your customers handling the iPhone without being able to walk away with it.

Stay away from mounts that use permanent adhesives that attach to the back of the iPhone. These mounts cause damage to the case and are nearly impossible to remove. Look for brackets that secure with tension and can be easily removed. The opposite side of the cable should attach to any fixed object like a table leg or an anchor that mounts under the table.

iPhone Security cable and lock Kit Stand
iPhone Security Kit Stand
Look for a security solution that also comes with a stand to the hold the iPhone or iPod Touch at the optimum viewing angle. You also want to make sure the stand you choose works with the Lightning charging cable.

Lastly, consider price. iPhone lock and cable security kits range in price from $29.95 all the way up to $89.95 depending on features. Visit to see their line of iPhone and iPod Security Kits.

New iPad Security Cable Lock And POS Stand From newPCgadgets


New Secure iPad Air POS Stand From newPCgadgets
Cable & Lock Secure iPad POS Stand
newPCgadgets has just introduced a low priced, flexible and secure iPad (POS) stand to hold all types of credit card readers including popular models like: Square, Paypal and Quckbooks.

The iPad (5th generation), iPad Air (1, 2), iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad 10.5 are secured with light-weight aluminum brackets and a 5′ tether cable. This allows the flexibility to hold the iPad while doing transactions or showing product features to a customer. The iPad can also be used in the acrylic base as a stationary POS display. According to newPCgadgets President Michael Schriner, “Most iPad POS stands are fixed position which limits the additional uses that our kit offers.” Their iPad Security kit retails for $49.95 including free shipping.

newPCgadgets has also designed a POS Security stand for the iPad mini 1, 2, 3 and 4 with similar features. This version is priced at $39.95.

Rear View iPad Credit Card Stand from newPCgadgets
Rear View iPad Credit Card Stand
In addition to working as a POS stand, newPCgadgets says that their iPad holder is ideal for all types of applications that require security including: retail iPad store displays, trade-show iPad displays, exhibitions and events, waiting room iPad mounts, schools, museums and anywhere security is a concern.

Visit newPCgadgets for additional details