newMacgadgets Releases Trim-line iPad Wall Mounts


Black acrylic iPad Wall Mount Frame from newMacgadgetsnewMacgadgets releases their new low profile, fixed position and secure iPad Wall Mounts. The new line of wall mounts are secured with tamper-proof screws and can mount in either the landscape or portrait position. The high-gloss black acrylic construction makes these new mounts ideal for businesses looking to create a professional iPad display. Models available for the new iPad (5th generation), iPad Air (1 & 2) and the iPad Pro 9.7. Visit newMacgadgets for additional details.

Commander-in-Tweet Political Coasters


Political Coasters for your smartphoneEveryday the drama at The White House makes me more and more nauseas. I don’t think there is to much that we can do other than sit back and watch in amazement. Wait, there is something I can do. Introducing Political Coasters a new way to ease my frustration. Now when I’m in disbelief at the latest mishap at The White House, all I have to do is come up with a new version to ease my mind.

My first edition is called “Commander-in-Tweet.” I feel it captures the absurdity of our current situation and provides a convenient base for your Smartphone (sales pitch). Maybe healthcare, Russia, Comey, Sessions or Trump Jr. will be the next version. I will let CNN by my channel guide! I hope you enjoy them.

Apple Store iPad Acrylic Displays With Branding?


Apple store iPad acrylic displays from the Apple StoreIf you have ever been to the Apple store then you are familiar with the round clear acrylic iPad displays. Did you also know that Apple does not sell these displays no matter how many times you ask (beg)? This is a missed opportunity since many businesses and consumers would love to have one or several dozen. One Apple store employee did mention to me that if they did sell them they would probably be very expensive. Shocking!

After a little research, we decided not only to make these iPad mounts but to add one significant upgrade. By offering companies the ability to incorporate their logos on the acrylic surface of the display we have created a new branding opportunity. At trade-shows, in conference rooms, front lobbies or anywhere else, companies can now combine the familiar look of the Apple store with their corporate identity to offer a uniquely visual iPad display. Apple store iPad Display with branded logo

And best of all, we figured out how to make these at a very affordable price! For details visit Apple store iPad Pedestals.

Political Smartphone Coasters From newPCgadgets, Says It All!


Political Coasters from newPCgadgetsJust for fun we decided to take our popular selling Smartphone Coasters and add a political cartoon on the acrylic surface. Our first offering is called the “Commander-in-Tweet.” If you’re looking for a clever gift idea for the political activist in your group, then look no further. Political Smartphone Coasters hold just about any Smartphone including case (except for really thick cases) and are available at Political Coasters for $8.95 each. We can’t wait for the next one!

New Trim-Line iPad Mounts For Business, Trade-Shows, Retailers And More


iPad 5th generation counter mount
New iPad 5th generation counter mount
newPCgadgets has just introduced a secure iPad desk mount for businesses looking for a fixed position, low profile iPad display for their advertising needs. This new iPad table mount is designed in a high-gloss black acrylic material to provide a visual display that stands out from the standard metal fixtures that are currently on the market. Visit newPCgadgets for additional details and ordering information.

iPad-iPhone Dual Desktop Stand With Apple Store Look And More!


dual iphone ipad desk stand with Apple store look newPCgadgets has taken the look of the Apple store iPad and iPhone stands and added several new features to improve both the look and performance. The Dual iPad iPhone base now has a center slot to allow the iPad to stand upright and to provide room in the front to hold any model iPhone. This space-saving design is ideal for tight spaces and allows the user to be more productive for applications like FaceTime, texting or just watching videos.

iPad stand laser engraved corporate logosFor business the new iPad stand works as an iPad display for companies looking for a new iPad stand to feature their presentations. newPCgadgets also offers corporate branding by laser engraving logo’s on the clear acrylic surface. Already companies like Bank of America and Hyatt Hotels have placed their logos on these new stands.

For additional details including pricing and custom engraving visit newPCgadgets iPad iPhone Stand.