Get the Apple Store Look at Work or Home from newMacgadgets


Apple Store iPad StandsNewMacgadgets has re-created the Apple Store experience with their new line of Apple accessories designed to replicate the look of the world’s most popular retail outlet.
NewMacgadgets Apple store displays have been especially popular with businesses, retail outlets, trade-shows, conference centers, schools and others that are looking for a secure and elegant solution to showcase their products.

New products include, the iPad Security Base designed for the New iPad & iPad 2. The iPad Wall Mount Display; also designed for the New iPad & iPad 2. The iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base, which holds all iPads; including the new iPad Mini. The Apple Store Headphone Stand with acrylic base and stainless steel arm. And in just a few weeks, newMacgadgets will be introducing the new iPhone 5 Security Base, designed to provide both flexibility and security for iPhone users.

Combining security with the stylish look of the Apple store acrylic displays, newMacgadgets has developed a line of popular products for companies to feature their Apple products in open environments.

No other company currently offers this unique line of products. For additional details, pictures and pricing please visit newMacgadgets today. They also carry a full line of other Apple related accessories and products.

New iPhone 4 Security Kit – Secures your iPhone for displays and presentations


iPhone 4 Security KitThe new iPhone 4 Security Kit from newMacgadgets is the first cable and lock security kit designed exclusively for the Apple iPhone. newMacgadgets has targeted retailers, businesses, schools and exhibitors that use the iPhone as a presentation tool and need to secure it from theft.

The iPhone 4 Security Kit is very similar to newMacgadgets PAD-Lock for the iPad 2 and secures the iPhone with a small form fitting and lightweight aluminum sleeve. The sleeve is secured with a 7″ coasted steel wire security cable that can attach to a nearby fixture with the included padlock. Also included is a universal mount for securing the cable in areas where a fixed object is not available.

The iPhone 4 Security Kit is ideal for all open environments where security is a concern. The kit retails for $29.95 and is now available directly from newMacgadgets.

New Nook Color & Tablet Security Kit – First Lock and Cable Anti-Theft Device


Nook Color & Tablet Security KitNow you can secure your Nook Color or Nook Tablet with the all new Security Kit for the Nook from newPCgadgets. The lock and cable kit secures to the bottom corner of the Nook with a 25 mm lock and 7′ coated steel wire cable. Also included is a universal mount for applications where a fixed object is not available.

This new Security Kit is the first lock and cable product that allows you to secure the Nook Color or Nook Tablet from theft.

Nook Security KitThe Security Kit for the Nook is ideal for all open environments including retail outlets, exhibitions, conferences and school campuses. The Security Kit secures the Nook while still allowing full motion of the tablet. The new Nook Security Kit is available directly from the newPCgadgets website and retails for $16.95.