PAD Tags – Personal Identity Nameplate for your Smart Cover


PAD Tags for Smart CoversYou have just spent $1,000 on your new iPad and placed it safely in its’ Apple case. You are now ready to transport it in style! To the office, school, or the local coffee house, your iPad goes everywhere you go. Suddenly, during a busy day, you realize that you must have accidentally left it behind at one of several places you were just at.  Your mind starts to race, frantically retracing your steps.  Just then, your cell phone rings, and the kind voice of a stranger tells you they have found your new iPad thanks to the custom stainless steel identification plate located in-plain view on your iPad case. What a relief you say, that was the best $12.95 I ever spent! The trim-line design of the iPad makes it easy to misplace. With the simple addition of a chic custom identification plate, a kind samaritan now has a way of contacting you to return it. Prevent your investment from being lost forever, make sure to add your Personal Identity Nameplate for the iPad today by visiting

The new Laptop Accessory Pouch travels with you!


Laptop Accessory PouchNow you can keep your laptop accessories within easy reach with the new Laptop Accessory Pouch from newPCgadgets. Unlike other storage products, this clever pouch attaches directly to the back of your laptop with Velcro tabs and holds your frequently used accessories; including cell phones, a wireless mouse, cables, memory sticks and much more. The Laptop Accessory Pouch provides quicker access than large carrying cases, and is easy to take with you. This new spacesaver keeps you organized and more productive.

Made from durable black fabric, the Laptop Accessory Pouch is 11″ wide by 6″ long and features 2 front pockets and a main zipper pouch. The Velcro tabs hold the Accessory Pouch securely to the back of your laptop keeping your important items close at hand.  When not in use, you can easily remove the Pouch. The Velcro tabs can also be removed without leaving any residue on your Laptop.  The Laptop Accessory Pouch fits all laptops with 12″ screens and larger. The Pouch is also small enough to travel in standard carrying cases. Retail is $16.95 and available directly from the newPCgagets website.   Orders yours today. Oh and if you’re looking for a guide to choose the best gaming laptop – check out our comparison guide page for all the details.