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Marc Cook - "I work at an AT&T center, the people at work, love em."


Matt Morton - "Handed them out to people at the office. They like them a lot."


Lara Dean - "I have my phone on one at my desk right now ~ love it!"


John Pierce - "I have to say, they work wonderfully; The rubber bottoms keep them from sliding on my desk at work. I gave two to some colleagues and they love them too."


Bill Woodford - "I have one on my desk at work, my wife has one on her desk at work and I have one on my desk at home. They are extremely functional and useful."



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PhoneKicks Promotional Phone Stand

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PhoneKicks are both a Smartphone stand and billboard display featuring your company logo and message.


PhoneKicks are an all-acrylic and stackable Smartphone stand featuring your companies laser engraved logo and message on a large billboard display. PhoneKicks can work as a charging base or convenience stand and hold the phone in either the landscape or portrait position.


Corporate Swag:  The stylish, all-acrylic design makes PhoneKicks the perfect smartphone stand for conference rooms, office lobbies, lounges, meeting rooms, trade-shows, corporate retreats, special events and much more. PhoneKicks complement any professional business setting to provide a smartphone stand your clients and customers will appreciate.


Hospitality Industry:  PhoneKicks are a favorite for the Hospitality industry. Restaurants offer them to their customers, bars and lounges set them out for their patrons. Hotels place them in their VIP rooms and guest lobbies. From five star hotels to the local bed and breakfast, PhoneKicks have become the smartphone stand of choice.


PhoneKicks are priced at $3.99 each including engraving. Minimum orders for engraving start as low as 75 units. Make sure to request a free evaluation sample. To place an order contact us at the link below.

PhoneKicks - Minimum QTY 50

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Promotional Smartphone Stand With Logo

Engraved all-acrylic smartphone stand

Hospitality industry promotional item

Billboard display for your logo

Promotional phone stand charging base

Cable routes under stand to work as charging base

Upscale promotional phone stand for the iPhone

Works with all phones and phone cases

Stackable promotional smartphone stand

Stackable space-saving design