Secures controllers, games, hard drive and accessories

Attractive black plastic base and tinted lid

Dimensions 5 1/2?H x 12 1/2?W x 9 1/2?D

Chrome plated lock with 2 keys

Works as Xbox 360 parental control device

Secures and organizes valuable games and accessories

Retail $18.95


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Keep your Xbox games and controllers locked up to prevent unauthorized use with the new Xbox 360 Storage Locker. Stop your friends and family members from borrowing your games or using your Xbox without permission.

The Storage Locker protects and organizes. Measuring 5 1/2?H x 12 1/2?W x 9 1/2?D, the Xbox 360 Storage Locker holds game controllers, games and accessories. The attractive black base and tinted lid with chrome lock compliment any setup.

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Adults can use the Storage Locker as a parental control device by simply locking up controllers and games.


Organizes and secures your valuable Xbox 360 games and accessories







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Locks up valuables

Compliments any setup