Constructed from high quality 3/16” clear acrylic

Dimensions: 6"W x 10"D x 2 3/4"H

Bottom shelf holds game controllers and accessories

Top shelf holds frequently used games and Wii console

Space saving elegant design

$29.95 Retail



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The new Wii Pedestal Base is the first game base designed to improve the look and function of your Wii console by organizing controllers, games and accessories all in one location. Now you can spend more time enjoying your Wii and less time searching for lost controllers.


The Wii Pedestal Base is designed to fit in small spaces accommodating all setups. Constructed from high quality 3/16” clear acrylic, the Wii Pedestal Base compliments any room.



Retails $29.95
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Elegant acrylic base raises your Wii console to provide storage for controllers, accessories and games.


Gizmodo, "The Wii Pedestal Base will make your room look more stylish for a mere 29 bucks".


Geardiary, "Simple idiot proof assembly instructions. Looks great! Reduces the amount of space your Wii takes up"..


Michelle S, "Thank you newPCgadgets, I just received my new Pedestal Base I love the acrylic look and how it organizes my games and controllers ".







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Space saving design

Elegant acrylic base

Compliments any room