Touch Base for Smartphones price $29.95

Solid 2" acrylic base

Work-base for your smartphone

Works with all phone cases

Silicone ring for sure-grip surface (top and bottom)

Portrait or landscape positions

3.750" circle with 20 degree angle

Works with all smartphones

Also works with iPod Touch

Rich acrylic design

Price $29.95

iPad Air Acrylic Base

NEW iPad Air Base

iPad Air Security Mount

NEW iPad Air Mount

Apple store headphone stand

NEW Headphone Stand

Circular iPad Display - Just like the Apple store

Apple Store Pedestal Base

iPhone 5 Wall Mount

iPhone 5 Wall Mount

Touch Base
For Smartphones

Sure-grip Work-Base


Finally, style and function come together in our NEW Touch Base for Smartphones. Ideal for all smartphones including the popular, iPhones and Androids. Even works great with the iPod Touch.


With a variety of smartphone stands available to choose from, The New Touch Base is the answer to all your multitasking needs. Designed with elegance in mind, The New Touch Base is a solid 1 lb., wedge shaped, acrylic work-base with an outer silicone ring that provides a sure-grip of your smartphone. Text, make calls, and view videos without your phone sliding all over the place.


Elegant, yet sturdy, with the rich look of acrylic, The New Touch Base puts your smartphone on display while disguising itself as the ideal work-base. Best of all, the Touch Base works with all phone cases, unlike other products on the market.


At $29.95 the Touch Base for Smartphones is the best workstation for your phone.


Size: 3.750" Diameter x 2”H

Price: $29.95

For custom order needs contact us


Acrylic non-skid smartphone mount

Sleek ALL Acrylic Design!

The Gadgeteer - "Most stands are gadget-specific, so you’re often out of luck if you change brands or even models. You won’t have to worry about an expensive stand becoming obsolete when you upgrade your smartphone with the Touch Base for Smartphones from newPCgadgets. ." "

TechnologyTell - "Display your iPhone in style with the New Touch Base." "

Pocketfullofapps - "Overall though, the Touch Base is a fantastic product, well made, and I highly recommend it." "

PRmac - "The Touch Base is a great way to display your favorite smartphone." "

Phandroid - "The Touch Base gives you a stylish display stand." "


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Acrylic stand for iPhones

Holds all iPhone and Android Models


Non-skid round acrylic mount for Android phones

Sure-grip surface prevents sliding (also works with cases)


Smartphone stand for both landscape and portrait

Works in landscape or portrait positions


Smartphone stand with comfortable viewing angle

Comfortable 20 degree work surface


iPhone stand with Apple store look

Acrylic wedge with sure-grip outer-ring