1 1/2" all acrylic construction

Silicone rings for sure-grip

Ideal for retail displays

6" diameter surface

Holds all popular tablets

Works in landscape and portrait positions

Stylish design enhances look of the tablet

Price $49.95

NEW iPad 2 Display Dock

NEW iPad Wall Mount

Apple Store Headphone Stand

Touch Base

For Work Or Display!


Touch Base, a 2 in 1 acrylic display stand designed to work with Android and Apple tablets in multiple positions. As a display, the Touch Base can hold tablets in both the portrait and landscape position. As a work base, the Touch Base holds your tablet on a non-skid silicone ring at a comfortable 20 degree angle.


The Touch Base is made of high quality 1 1/2" clear acrylic with sure-grip outer silicone rings on top and bottom. The 6" diameter acrylic pedestal base provides a sturdy non-skid surface that enhances the look and function of the iPad, Galaxy, Nexus or dozens of other popular selling models.


At $49.95 the Touch Base is ideal for retailers as counter-top displays, corporate office presentations, trade-show stands and dozens more applications.


Size: 6" Diameter x 1 1/2”H

Price: $49.95

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iPad and Android Tablet Mount

Stylish All Acrylic Work Base


What others are saying,

PRmac"The Touch Base is a great way to display your favorite tablet." "

Phandroid"The Touch Base gives you a stylish display stand for your slate." "


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iPad acrylic circular mount

Holds all popular tablets


Acrylic Mount for Android Tablets

Works in multiple positions


iPad or Android tablet can position in either portrait or landscape

Non-skid 20 degree work surface


Non-skid silicone ring work surface for iPad or Android tablets

Ideal for retail displays