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Durable long-lasting stainless steel

Holds any phone at 45 degree angle

Stackable space-saving design

Makes great promotional item

Easy to clean surface

Faster access to incoming texts and calls

Ideal for meetings and conferences

Helps prevent misplaced phones

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Smartphone Coasters

Stainless Steel Kickstand


Ask any iPhone or Android user what they love about their phone, and eventually the word kickstand will come up. Having an easy way to hold the phone so it can be viewed is simply great, and is one of those things you wonder how you ever got along without. Fear not, non-kickstand enabled smartphones, our latest product called "Smartphone Coasters" has you covered.


These sleek and attractive stainless steel stands complements any setting to provide an easily accessible base for your phone. Smartphone Coasters holds all popular models including the iPhone, Galaxy, Droid, Windows, BlackBerry and dozens more. Read our customer reviews.


The stackable space-saving design makes these Coasters great for home or office. Smartphone Coasters are also perfect for presentations, conferences, trade shows or for display.


Ultimate Promotional Item


Smartphone Coasters make the perfect promotional product for your business. Already dozens of companies including The Ritz-Carlton, MGM Grand, Adeptive Software, Clean Ubran Technology and Hellman International have put their logos on our Smartphone Coasters. For additional details on our logo program Click Here


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Read our reviews:

Engadget - "Smartphone Coaster keeps your eyes on the prize, even while you eat."


Android Central - "So Simple, So Cool."


iPhoneAlley "It’s sleek stainless steel design and universal shape, this little guy will accomodate almost any smartphone/iPhone on the market."


AndroLib - "The guys at newPCgadgets created a pretty cool Smartphone stand."


PalmAddicts - "Smartphone Coasters are pretty COOL." - "Some products make me wonder why nobody thought of them."


Mobiletor - "newPCgadgets sculpts sleek and attractive smartphone coasters."


Androidandme - "The Smartphone Coaster is awesome for a number of reasons."









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Holds all iPhones

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Holds all Androids

Stainless Steel & Stackable Design

Great Promotional Item

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